25+ Followers?!! Time for another Post

Part of being a good neighbor on blogs is connecting with other bloggers. The Blogging 101 course I took was extremely helpful in getting me to reach out to the blogging community and establishing a dialogue.

I think one thing I can do is recognize other blogs and share links with my readers from time to time. Part of that answer for me might be giving occasional shout outs to my followers and any posts and I like.

In particular, I gained 7 new followers since Sunday (and I gained another as I began to write this post to make it 8). That’s big for me, especially considering that I started this blog in late-August 2015 on a whim and miraculously still managed a net gain of 7 followers before this month. February was the most productive month I have had as a blogger and must thank the community for that.

Although I will be among the first to admit that I blog for myself first, viewer feedback is what drives me to continue. I like to know: that my words touch others, that they are learning from some of the things I write, what I can do to improve, and most importantly, that others like to see what I have to offer. It goes without saying that I want to keep that going.

Now, without further ado, I would like to share some links of the people who have begun following this humble blog since Sunday:

  • Ameena’s Musings: Hello, again. I met this lovely lady during my Blogging 101 course and wrote about one of her posts in two of my own. I would like to point out another one of Ameena’s posts. In the post “What’s in a name?” Ameena reveals her real first name and talks about why she uses the name Ameena for her blog. I would suggest you read some of her posts, as she offers a thoughtful write-up, a quote, and a beautiful poem at the end of them.
  • nvsubbaraman: Subbaraman runs Envius Thoughts, wherein he shares Tamil and English poetry, along with his thoughts on life, religion, spirituality, and philosophy.
  • owldragonash: She runs the blog Through Owl’s Eyes, which is succinctly described in her tagline: Live Music, Art, Events and Travel in a Virtual World – Second Life. There is of course a spiritual feel to the blog and plenty of beautiful images. One of my favorite posts is “What does your name say?” a post that was written during our shared Blogging 101 course.
  • getalamfel: Greta Lamfel runs the blog According to Greta in which she shares inspirational quotes, thoughts, and posts about beauty. I pointed to one of her posts, “Making the Right Career Choices” during my Blogging 101 course. Greta also named this blog and 10 others in her “Blogs of the Week”
  • EricMWalk: He’s another Blogging 101 classmate and he started the Bloggers Meetup for anyone else who attended the course in Feb. 2016. Eric’s blog, Still Thinking…, is where he shares his thoughts on various topics and things he finds interesting. A man after my own heart. ❤
  • Wendy Weir: This wonderful mother of 2 boisterous boys was also a Blogging 101 classmate of mine. She runs Greater Than Gravity, a blog she started to help her cope with her son’s muscular dystrophy. I’m still going through some of her posts but I love how she mixes in humor.
  • timehonoredclassicalliteratureandmusings: Run by the beautiful Samantha James, Time honored classical literature & Musings features poetry written by Miss James herself and posts about literature from the early- to mid-20th

Thanks again, and I want to gain even more followers. Should I make this type of post a normal thing?

14 thoughts on “25+ Followers?!! Time for another Post

  1. Wow, I’m glad you enjoyed that blog. Thanks for the mention 🙂 I love your writing style and you should definitely make this a regular thing. I’ll be checking out the blogs mentioned since I need more interesting people to follow anyway ^_^

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    1. Aw, shucks…I’m so glad to know you like my writing style. I think the Blogging 101 course helped me take a look at it. My style is still being refined but I can see that it’s developing now.

      Yes, take a look at those blogs. You might find some you like.


  2. Yes you should definitely recognise your blogging community. By posting other blogs on your own blog it will bring you to the blogs that you never knew existed. I posted my Blogs of the Week because I was impressed with some blogs out there and I felt that my subscribers should go and check them out. I want everyone to get new followers 🙂

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    1. Definitely. It’s the least I can do and when I take a look, I find a number of fun and enlightening posts.

      That’s why I suggested the recommendations feature. I would recommend anything from links, programs, to other blogs. Perhaps this could become its own feature…provided I get a steady stream of followers from week to week. 😀

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  3. owldragonash

    Thank you Very glad you liked my What does your name say post. I Like this feature on your blog the run down and links is great. I can see how it can fill a word press follow reader with links : ) I have so many I follow and it is still so much fun to check out new blogs that cover all kinds of things.

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    1. This could be another feature in addition to the option that wins from the previous post. (We need some votes for Typography.)

      It is actually pretty fun to check out other blogs and leave little notes about them. And it keeps this blog active.

      Thanks for dropping by again. 🙂


  4. Signing up for Blogging 101 was one of the wisest things I’ve done in some time. I’ve become acquainted with some amazing writers whose stories come from all over the globe and cover all reaches of personal experiences, interests and opinions. Bloggers are the most humble people, but generous people with their praise. Seeing this tonight was such a gift. Thank you!!

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    1. Totally agree. I needed to take that course as it got me to meet more of the blogging community and led to some of the best blog posts I have ever published. Many of the new people I’m conversing with are inspirational.

      And thank you. 🙂


  5. It’s so nice to call people out specifically like that! I’m sure they really appreciate the attention (and links) and I bet you’ll get a lot of traction if you keep that up. Also, congratulations on completing the Blogging 101 class! (We’re supposed to congratulate each other now, apparently.)


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