My ‘About’ Page

For those of you have already followed this blog (13 followers and counting!) or have visited my “About” page, you may have noticed that there was more information for what this blog was about than there was about myself. I thought I’d change that today.

Now, this is partly because I am working on improving my blog. Of course, the Blogging 101 course has facilitated this, but I already knew that I would need to share a little bit more information to entice readers.

About Me

If you have visited my “About” page before, you might have seen this at the beginning:

I’m a graphic designer and an aspiring artist and writer.

While I never been a strong public speaker, I have always loved to write and have found my voice through journaling and short stories.

Btw, I have a YouTube Channel by the same name, but I have not really used it yet to make videos. Stay tuned.

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