About This Blog

When I started this blog, I followed a forum friend to WordPress. As a result, a good number of the entrees in this blog were reposts, with a number of revisions were appropriate. These include some posts about the finished Naruto series and my “Things I Don’t Like About Television” series, to which I added “episodes.” The Sexism in Naruto posts took older content and greatly expanded on it.

But during the first year of this blog, I expanded my focus in terms of topics and, of course, my audience.

Who Do I Want to Reach?

To be upfront, I am a millennial, so much of my focus will be on writing from that perspective. I want to reach out to younger readers and give them content they would love to read.

I would also like to appeal to people who are educators or have some history in education.

What Is This Blog About?

In addition to what I said at the top, there will still be plenty of musings about pop culture and American politics in this blog. You could say I have a passing interest in the WWE, although the stories aren’t quite up to snuff nowadays. And the only reason I’m into it at all is because someone got me interested in storylines years ago.

To be more specific, my posts (and reposts) will be about:

  • Anime and Manga
  • Education
  • The Internets
  • Law and Politics
  • Money
  • Music
  • People
  • Poetry
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Television and Films
  • Video Games
  • Writing

Be sure to check out my Featured Posts on Sundays, where I look at Famous Sayings. I also do my best to take part in Write Anything Wednesday each week and I might expand my week to include another type of Featured Post. Stay tuned …

I would also like to add to the blog with new thoughts along these issues and add categories from time as my posts become more varied. Note that I may never get too personal in any of my posts.

Be warned: I suck at making up titles and many of my entries will be edited from time to time because I am human, after all (and a bit of a perfectionist).

Also be warned: As a nod to many of my readers, I try not to swear, although there are some swear words in earlier posts.