Welcome to My Blog.

I’m an aspiring artist and writer with a lot on her mind. I like discussing politics and entertainment and many of my posts go over 2,000 words.

I’d like to let you know that I identify as a progressive (to the left of a liberal, because the definition of “liberal” is changing), but I welcome other viewpoints as long as they’re respectful. Please view my Commenting Policy page.

Take a look around. Right now, my most popular posts concern the Naruto Manga and Famous Sayings.

Update (October 27, 2018): Right now, I’m burning the midnight oil to finish up my 2018 midterms series. I have four posts to go, but the last might not be done until December. It depends on what happens in Louisiana and other states who have runoff elections. In between, I want to finish two other series and get back into my Trump series (which I wanted to finish this month, but I procrastinated). All of these posts are important because of the subject manner and the type of messaging I want to convey.