My ‘About’ Page

For those of you have already followed this blog (13 followers and counting!) or have visited my “About” page, you may have noticed that there was more information for what this blog was about than there was about myself. I thought I’d change that today.

Now, this is partly because I am working on improving my blog. Of course, the Blogging 101 course has facilitated this, but I already knew that I would need to share a little bit more information to entice readers.

About Me

If you have visited my “About” page before, you might have seen this at the beginning:

I’m a graphic designer and an aspiring artist and writer.

While I never been a strong public speaker, I have always loved to write and have found my voice through journaling and short stories.

Btw, I have a YouTube Channel by the same name, but I have not really used it yet to make videos. Stay tuned.

I am currently in the process of expanding that section, but I will not yet share my full name or tell my life story. That may very well come later, as I will consider starting a new site on WordPress in the future. I will use my first and last name on that site to show my professional works. Some pages here might be moved as a result. But for now, I am getting comfortable with this setup and learning things about publishing content, improving it, and expanding my audience.

About This Blog

This also needs to be changed, since most of it is from my original blog at Naruto Forums. (That site is currently going through a series of changes and I might lose the blog I started there). Here’s the original text:

I’m not getting any younger, but as I go along, I recognize the need to be more observant of my surroundings. I am honing my typing, writing, and analytical skills as well. As I do research, it is not enough to just read the material, but to do something with it.

I have loved reading Op-Eds and opinion pages for some time now, and I thought that it was pretty cool that NF had set up this blog function. As much as I am interested in reading the opinions of others, I am more excited about the prospect of sharing my own.

I suck at making up titles and many of my entries will be edited from time to time because I am human, after all (and a bit of a perfectionist).

Unfortunately, this text was originally shown on the Home page. That means it will show up — and it will be cut off — in searches. (Doesn’t it take a while for that to be cleared up on Google?)

Anyway…that part of my “About” page will be revised, as well. I will still mention Op-Eds because those are part of what inspired me to start my own blog. The part about being a perfectionist should also stay.

Oh, and before I sign off, I would like to give a shout out everyone who has taken the time to read my posts and follow me. Thanks!

More to come…

P.S.: While editing this post, I noticed that I used quite a bit of commas. That’s something I need to work on.


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