Who Else Responded to the Prompt I Chose?

For Assignment 11 in Blogging 101, I was asked to respond to a prompt from the Daily Post. The next assignment called for me to read at least 6 other responses to the same prompt and respond to at least two.

  • From the blog Sacrificial Chain Breaker, the title Pajamas Every Day stood out to me. It consisted of a paragraph detailing how writing can benefit those who want to make limited contact.
  • I went to the blog According to Greta to read a post entitled Making the Right Career Choices. Greta offered some sound advice for pre-career evaluation. She also included a video for aspiring writers.
  • I swung over to Rica Mae Rosales’s blog, Like to Write, and read Juggling like a pro. Even now, she is thinking about having a work/life balance.
  • On the site raffystolemyheart, there was a post entitled When I grow up, I want to be.. and it was about the author’s current job benefits and what she would really like to do.
  • On Shaira Mae’s Blog, her response was named Dream to slay the world! She would like to be a performer. Be warned: when you visit her site, music (currently “Moonshine” by Bruno Mars) will play automatically.

Out of the six posts I read, I left a comment on two. My comment on the “Making the Right Career Choices” can be found here. I left a comment for raffystolemyheart, but it was waiting moderation.

All in all, I will say I rather enjoyed getting to read some other responses and getting to know some of my neighbors a little better.

Things I Don’t Like About Television, Episode 15: ESPN, Often


There are some things I absolutely love about ESPN. First, it has a number of shows across it channels that I enjoy watching (even occasionally), like Sportscenter, Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption, NFL Live, Mike and Mike in the Morning, 30 for 30, Outside the Lines, and E60. The documentaries affiliated with or are entirely made by ESPN are generally good. ESPN of course features games I want to see. And I appreciate some of the coverage for women’s sports with ESPNW, ESPN360, and ESPNU.

However, it seems like there are more things that piss me off about the network overall.

For one thing, I just do not care for some of the programming. While poker games and spelling bees don’t actually deviate from the premise and purview of the channel — as ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network — I still find that stuff to be incredibly boring, especially the poker. Others enjoy that, though. To each his own.

A few things that immediately irk me about ESPN networks are how the reporters and staff can be reactionary, repetitive (much like the cable news networks’ love of covering one news story for a week or more), and sadistic.

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