Thanksgiving Musical Recital Story, Part 2 (WAW)

music recital, short story

Here is the rest of my short story. Click here to read the first part.

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Thanksgiving Musical Recital Story, Part 1 (WAW)

Instrument Petting Zoo
Photo by eddie welker via Flickr. Some rights reserved.

As promised, I wrote a short story for this Write Anything Wednesday submission. Forgive me if it sucks, but I need to get back into it if I am to get good.

This story is loosely (emphasis on loosely) based on my experiences in elementary school. I am also going off today’s one-word prompt, “Anticipation.”

This will be a two-part story. The first part is below and I will conclude the story tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

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I’ve Been Doing It Wrong for Quite Some Time (WAW)

wrong, titles, ellipses, typing

It’s Wednesday (at least where I am), so it means it’s time for me to write about … something.

As you know, I’m a bit of a perfectionist. In terms of drawing (seriously) and writing, this is true.

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Typing and Stuff (WAW)

typing, typing test, typing test widget, widget

For this week’s Write Anything Wednesday, let’s talk about typing – and sentence rephrasers.

My Typing Speed

Out of boredom, I went looking for a site to test how fast I type.

I found a typing test widget via a Daily Mail article that was posted late in 2015. The widget is connected to a website started by Dutchman Juerd Waalboer. Of course, there are other sites that have typing tests, but this was the first I saw from a simple Google search.

How does the widget work? You have to type a series of 47 common words. Only the words that are spelled correctly count towards your final score.

Anyway, I took the challenge to at least see how I stacked up (against the averages of 187 characters per minute and 37 words per minute.

You want to know my score, right? SPOILER ALERT: I am not a stenographer. (I totally respect the talents of those who are. 😉 )

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Random Blog Thoughts (June 1, 2016 — WAW)

blog, Write Anything Wednesday, random, random blog thoughts
Now, this image is quite random.

This Write Anything Wednesday post is disorganized. I have a lot on my mind but not enough focus to hone on one thing today.

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Writing for Myself & Business

For this Write Anything Wednesday, I want to talk about writing in general.

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Famous Sayings: #7 — ‘Crying Over Spilt Milk’

April 24, 2016

There’s no use crying over spilt milk.

Greetings! As I said last Sunday, I generally have a plan for the idioms and phrases I choose to analyze every week. That doesn’t mean I can’t change plans every now and again. It turns out this is such a Sunday.

Why ‘Spilt Milk’?

On Thursday, I gained a new follower and my curiosity took me to her blog. One post that stood out to me was “Pick up the broken pieces.” In her post sparkyjen reblogged a post of the same name. That post was written another one of my followers, Ngobesing Romanus. (I was thinking of doing a reblog of the same post, but it would be better to ask permission and the post would have gone out immediate and bore the name of Ngobesing Romanus’ post.) Anyway, in her post, sparkyjen cited a familiar phrase, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.”

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Website Wizardry (WAW)

For this week’s Write Anything Wednesday, I thought I’d talk about the work behind the scenes…on websites. Sometimes, I a website like the Art Encyclopedia and think, “Even with my limited coding experience, I would like to try my hand at improving the look of it.”

web wizardry, website, Art Encyclopedia
It’s a very simple design that serves its purpose.

But the truth is there is so much work that goes behind it. (That’s an excellent referencing website by the way. I would recommend it for art students.)

This week has been pretty busy for me and I am reminded of a post from the Vivid Concepts website. I had commented on that post weeks ago but lost the link. Fortunately, I was able to find it after going to The Bloggers Meetup site and seeing another Vivid Concepts webpage. You guys are awesome! And LOL at the comment from tmisseghers.

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Things I Don’t Like About Television, Episode 23: Iconoclasm

Before we begin, let’s look at some definitions.

Iconoclasm (noun icon·o·clasm \ī-ˈkä-nə-ˌkla-zəm\):  the doctrine, practice, or attitude of an iconoclast

(Don’t you just hate it when a definition contains the root or original word?)

Iconoclast (noun icon·o·clast \-ˌklast\):  a person who criticizes or opposes beliefs and practices that are widely accepted

1:  a person who destroys religious images or opposes their veneration

2:  a person who attacks settled beliefs or institutions

Source: Merriam-Webster Online [1],[2]

As you can see from one of the above definitions, the term iconoclast was created to describe a person who would literally destroy religious images (icons). Nowadays, we defer to the simple definition of the word iconoclast.

Wherever you look, iconoclasm is everywhere. And on TV, it comes up in many instances. You will definitely see people stick closely to the original definition of iconoclasm as they deride religion. You will see people going out of their way to make fun of celebrities. That, too, can become annoying. Another form of iconoclasm is straight-up character assassination.

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What’s My Feature? I’m Thinking, Boo…I’m Thinking…

So…the last big assignment for Blogging 101 involves me deciding on establishing a feature for this blog. A feature would be a type of blog post I would be regularly —like once a week, usually on the same day of the week. This is different than a blogging event, which calls for the participation of others from the blogging community.

This would also be different than a series of posts I’m currently working on. So far, I’ve started around two series of posts I would like to finish:

  • Arguments That Give Me Pause: The series was started on another site, but I fully intend to finish it here. I have already published a few posts and need to do quite a bit of research. Stay tuned.
  • Things I Don’t Like about Television: This was also started on the same site, but I have since revised some topics and created new ones. This list is still being evaluated and I am currently pouring more attention to these posts at the moment.

I might also transfer some older posts here that are also part of a series. Some readers gave my excellent feedback for a number of those posts and one poster said they learned quite a lot from reading them. Perhaps I could share them with a larger audience.

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