I have a secondary DA account where the general focus will be on anime and manga characters as well as Nintendo games. At the moment, I am working on doing as series of F-Zero vectors.

Anime and Manga

The first real work I’ve done here was a quick Kiba sketch, but I can do better.

Kiba Sketch

I recently worked on making lineart for Naruto, whereas I started with a hand-drawn sketch.

Naruto 629 Sketch

Naruto 629 Lineart

Naruto 629 Colored Drawing

I want to work on more Naruto characters and then branch out.


As I mentioned, I started working on F-Zero characters. The first image, of Captain Falcon, was part of a 3-image request project, but I have planned on making a full vector eventually.

I have since done full vectors for Black Shadow, Blood Falcon, Samurai Goroh, and Antonio Guster.

All of these works have been featured on my Tumblr blog of the same name (


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