A Special Thank You to My Followers

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This is the start of an interesting composition idea … er, I mean relationship.

Last year, I started a series of posts in which I thanked my new followers. I haven’t kept up with that list, but I thought I’d do it now.

Since I last kept stock of new followers, I gained about quite a few more, to bring me closer to 100 (on WordPress alone). So, thanks to…

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Even More New Followers!

Another month, another time to give some shout-outs to my followers! I’m getting closure to 50 total, and would love some more.

This time, I gained a total of 6 new members to my little community. Here they are.

  • Mylene Feng: She runs MyleneFengDesign, a site she started as part of a class requirement. Hmm…that sounds familiar.
  • Sparkyjen: I love Sparky Jen’s energy. She is such a positive and honest person and that’s what her blog is all about. Her tagline is “No beating around the bush allowed!” Yes, ma’am!
  • Austin Wiggins: The curator for Writings by Ender, Mr. Wiggins features poetry and shorts stories. He occasionally invites guest writers. It is by design, as he wants to include writings from various sources.
  • DirtySciFiBuddha: The name of this blogger is based on the types of novels he writes. The most current work is Echo, with volumes available now.
  • mliae: Her website is called lifexperimentblog. As you could guess, the name explains it all. Mliae is adventurous, and so is her blog. Posts include product reviews and challenges as well as insights from her own life experiences.
  • BiteSizeWriter: I just gained this new follower yesterday, so of course, I had to check out the SHORTINSIGHT That was a great decision. BiteSizeWriter is a very talented storyteller. I have read a couple posts so far, but I plan to go back and read some more.

Once again, thanks for following this blog. Of course I want more. I always will. Here’s to hoping this month finally puts me over. 🙂

Hey Followers! (41 and Counting)

Another 10+ followers requires me to make another post to recognize them. I had a plan to make these with each 5-10 new followers, but I got two extra in short order.

With each passing day, I have enjoyed going to WordPress. I want to read new posts, make them, and respond to anyone who takes the time to read one of my posts and leave a nice comment. And I am overjoyed to see new people find this blog and follow it.

Here are my new followers since my last such post:

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I Humbly Accept the Liebster Award

As I pointed out in my last post, I was also nominated for a Liebster Award, by Wendy Weir and shamilahr. Thank you, ladies!


The Rules

Unlike the Versatile Blogger Award, it wasn’t as easy to find consistent rules or even try to establish the origin of the Liebster Award. Depending on which post I read, there were changes to the rules, from how many questions to answer and ask, to how many people to nominate, to how many followers would qualify a nominee. There was even a post made that tried to streamline the rules.

In this case, it was easier for me to go with the set of rules I found on Wendy Weir’s post.

Liebster Award Rules:

  • Thank your nominator.
  • Share the award on your blog.
  • Answer the 10 questions asked to you.
  • Ask 10 questions to 10 new nominees.
  • Notify them via social media.*

*This can be via WordPress, the best way to notify the nominees.

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I Formally Accept the Versatile Blogger Award

Recently, I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!


Three people actually nominated me. Thanks go to joanne2016, owldragonash, and Amina. Thanks, ladies!

It has taken me awhile to get to this. For one thing, I took so long because I was debating whether or not to accept this award (and the Liebster Award), but…I ultimately realized that the main point would be for me to recognize other bloggers. That, too, has taken awhile because I have only begun to dip my feet in that pool and I wanted to find a group of other bloggers that might not have garnered that much attention.

Finally, I am pretty slow when it comes to blogging for myself. I need some time to properly get my thoughts out, do some research if needed, and edit my text. (Even then, it may take me longer to see my own spelling and grammatical mistakes :cry:.) Particularly for this post (and the next), I had to do some research about the award origins, find some people to nominate beyond the ones I have met recently, and to make sure that some of them hadn’t already been nominated for this award before.

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25+ Followers?!! Time for another Post

Part of being a good neighbor on blogs is connecting with other bloggers. The Blogging 101 course I took was extremely helpful in getting me to reach out to the blogging community and establishing a dialogue.

I think one thing I can do is recognize other blogs and share links with my readers from time to time. Part of that answer for me might be giving occasional shout outs to my followers and any posts and I like.

In particular, I gained 7 new followers since Sunday (and I gained another as I began to write this post to make it 8). That’s big for me, especially considering that I started this blog in late-August 2015 on a whim and miraculously still managed a net gain of 7 followers before this month. February was the most productive month I have had as a blogger and must thank the community for that.

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