A Special Thank You to My Followers

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This is the start of an interesting composition idea … er, I mean relationship.

Last year, I started a series of posts in which I thanked my new followers. I haven’t kept up with that list, but I thought I’d do it now.

Since I last kept stock of new followers, I gained about quite a few more, to bring me closer to 100 (on WordPress alone). So, thanks to…

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I Have a Question for My Readers (WAW)

Original Image by Jon S via Flickr

I’m not entirely inspired today, but I would like to ask my 68+ readers/followers a question.

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I Now Have 50+ Followers!

50 followers, 50, followers

I normally post these updates at the start of each month (well, since February), but I neglected to give an update for June, but it worked at all for the best. That was an up-and-down month, as some of my more recent followers left. So I went from 50 total followers, back to 49, and back to over 50 again.

In any event, I am finally glad to announce that I reached the 50-follower milestone. Of course, there are plenty of blogs out there with far more followers, but this is big for me and we all have to start somewhere.

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25+ Followers?!! Time for another Post

Part of being a good neighbor on blogs is connecting with other bloggers. The Blogging 101 course I took was extremely helpful in getting me to reach out to the blogging community and establishing a dialogue.

I think one thing I can do is recognize other blogs and share links with my readers from time to time. Part of that answer for me might be giving occasional shout outs to my followers and any posts and I like.

In particular, I gained 7 new followers since Sunday (and I gained another as I began to write this post to make it 8). That’s big for me, especially considering that I started this blog in late-August 2015 on a whim and miraculously still managed a net gain of 7 followers before this month. February was the most productive month I have had as a blogger and must thank the community for that.

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Hello, Followers (February 21, 2016)!

In building on my last post for Blogging 101, I’d thought I’d take the time to say hello to all my followers. This is also something I should do, anyway. I see that some good users of social media love to keep their followers involved by giving them shout outs.

Now, when I started the Blogging 101 course, I only had 7 followers since I started on WordPress (in late August 2015). In two weeks, I’ve nearly tripled my following (and I’m one short of twenty). It’s exciting to get new followers and know that what I write may speak to others.

My followers are:

  • Kosmogonic: On this site, you will find a collection of socially-conscious poetry.
  • Marc-André: He is part owner to Katzenworld, a whimsical site about cats. The offerings on this site include musings, news, and product reviews. If one is so inclined, they may even sign up for a newsletter.
  • Ana Spoke: Originally started as a way to finish a novel, AnaSpoke.com serves as medium for the self-published author to write about the publishing process. She’s also made some humorous videos to promote one of her books.
  • Stuart M. Perkins: He runs Storyshucker, where he shares daily observations and insights from his life. Many of his posts read like pages of a novel.
  • robintournadre: He runs Robin T. Photo, where he shows off some breathtaking images he shoots from his travels. He also offers tips for photographers and full-on tutorials.
  • ProjectJournal.co.uk: I was rather surprised to get this follow. Project Journal is an online publication aimed at professionals in the United Kingdom.
  • shandraeats: Written by one of my “classmates” in Blogging 101, Shandra Eats has quick food reviews and shares links to recipes.
  • Claudia Sava: She’s a teenager who takes an introspective look with each of her posts. I was never that thoughtful or articulate when I was her age.
  • Jason Bucky Roberts: He’s the main contributor to Nerdy Life of Mine and he has his own podcast.
  • Timm: Hailing from Thailand, Timm runs Sketchb.in, where he talks about his interests and adventures from his life. Here’s another Blogging 101 classmate!
  • willjwrightblog: I also came across Write Words via Blogging 101. Will Wright writes (see what I did there?) about current events and pop culture, and personal stories. He has a gentle way of addressing things.
  • Selka: This blogger co-runs a blog entitled PermacultureGrin, dedicated to talking about experiences on building a home and garden in Nova Scotia.
  • usfman: This fellow classmate runs Snippets of a Traveling Mind, a blog dedicated to finding internal serenity and celebrating the spirit of travel.
  • ryanbonnduadua: Ryan Bonn hails from the Philippines. He runs Real Estate Property Investments, which is a blog use to advertise real estate property and show his expertise in the industry.
  • che: This is a private blog, but I’m grateful for the follow!
  • Audrey: This wife/mother/stepmother/sister/daughter/friend’s blog features her aggressive, organic writing style. Give her a minute, and she’ll pull you in.

Once again, thanks to all for following me and I would of course welcome more!