A Special Thank You to My Followers

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This is the start of an interesting composition idea … er, I mean relationship.

Last year, I started a series of posts in which I thanked my new followers. I haven’t kept up with that list, but I thought I’d do it now.

Since I last kept stock of new followers, I gained about quite a few more, to bring me closer to 100 (on WordPress alone). So, thanks to…

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Time to Say Hello to My Neighbors!

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For the seventh assignment in the Blogging: Branding and Growth Course, I had to go around WordPress and find websites I had never visited before and leave at comments on at least 3 posts. It’s never easy to say hello, but this was good since this lines up with the goals set forth in the first assignment. And along the way, I reconnected with a mutual follower.

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3 New Goals for My Blog

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Hi everyone, this week I decided to begin the Blogging: Branding and Growth course in order to audit this blog and improve it. For the first assignment, I was tasked with making three new goals for this blog.

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Revisiting My Sidebar

Intermediate Customization
This is what the course used to be called.

I’m going to try to finish up this course right away and it starts with my making some revisions to my sidebar.

For the seventh assignment in the Intermediate Customization course, I had the choice of creating a custom image widget, adding a graphic element to a text widget, or leaving my sidebar alone (after exploring my options). Since my sidebar doesn’t need a custom image widget, I went with Option 2.

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‘Taking a Break’ and Evaluating My Widgets

Do I need to reconfigure my widgets? Hold that thought.

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Looking at My Header (September 29, 2016)

Well, it looks like a got a head start on my header in the first assignment of the Intermediate Customization course. I already added a site logo. But there is still something for me to do.

For this assignment, I took the time to rethink my header. How can that be done? Well, as the course syllabus outlines, I would have to answer a few questions. These questions were presented as three bullet points.

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How Do You Feel About Swearing? (Write Anything Wednesday)

swearing, The Big Lebowski

One day, I was looking at the Community Chat page on The Blogging Meetup and I came across a few posts by Steven Sawyer. I responded to a couple of them, but I didn’t respond to a post about swearing (in blog posts).

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I Now Have 50+ Followers!

50 followers, 50, followers

I normally post these updates at the start of each month (well, since February), but I neglected to give an update for June, but it worked at all for the best. That was an up-and-down month, as some of my more recent followers left. So I went from 50 total followers, back to 49, and back to over 50 again.

In any event, I am finally glad to announce that I reached the 50-follower milestone. Of course, there are plenty of blogs out there with far more followers, but this is big for me and we all have to start somewhere.

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Public Service Announcement: The Purpose of a Personal Blog

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Via StockSnap.io

It’s Monday and I need to let off some steam.

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Even More New Followers!

Another month, another time to give some shout-outs to my followers! I’m getting closure to 50 total, and would love some more.

This time, I gained a total of 6 new members to my little community. Here they are.

  • Mylene Feng: She runs MyleneFengDesign, a site she started as part of a class requirement. Hmm…that sounds familiar.
  • Sparkyjen: I love Sparky Jen’s energy. She is such a positive and honest person and that’s what her blog is all about. Her tagline is “No beating around the bush allowed!” Yes, ma’am!
  • Austin Wiggins: The curator for Writings by Ender, Mr. Wiggins features poetry and shorts stories. He occasionally invites guest writers. It is by design, as he wants to include writings from various sources.
  • DirtySciFiBuddha: The name of this blogger is based on the types of novels he writes. The most current work is Echo, with volumes available now.
  • mliae: Her website is called lifexperimentblog. As you could guess, the name explains it all. Mliae is adventurous, and so is her blog. Posts include product reviews and challenges as well as insights from her own life experiences.
  • BiteSizeWriter: I just gained this new follower yesterday, so of course, I had to check out the SHORTINSIGHT That was a great decision. BiteSizeWriter is a very talented storyteller. I have read a couple posts so far, but I plan to go back and read some more.

Once again, thanks for following this blog. Of course I want more. I always will. Here’s to hoping this month finally puts me over. 🙂