What’s My Feature? I’m Thinking, Boo…I’m Thinking…

So…the last big assignment for Blogging 101 involves me deciding on establishing a feature for this blog. A feature would be a type of blog post I would be regularly —like once a week, usually on the same day of the week. This is different than a blogging event, which calls for the participation of others from the blogging community.

This would also be different than a series of posts I’m currently working on. So far, I’ve started around two series of posts I would like to finish:

  • Arguments That Give Me Pause: The series was started on another site, but I fully intend to finish it here. I have already published a few posts and need to do quite a bit of research. Stay tuned.
  • Things I Don’t Like about Television: This was also started on the same site, but I have since revised some topics and created new ones. This list is still being evaluated and I am currently pouring more attention to these posts at the moment.

I might also transfer some older posts here that are also part of a series. Some readers gave my excellent feedback for a number of those posts and one poster said they learned quite a lot from reading them. Perhaps I could share them with a larger audience.

Now, I have spent some time thinking about this assignment, and I’ve come up with a few ideas:

  • A series on particular real-world gripes, beyond the general arguments I can’t stand.
  • A feature on famous sayings, and my (often warped) interpretation of them.
  • Weekly reviews of current events. This would likely be posted on Sundays and I might call from some reader contributions to bring attention to some rarely cover yet important news.
  • A weekly series on typography. I would talk about some fonts I find and some of the fonts I’m currently working on. This would push me to finish them.
  • I share my work with tutorials I follow. Reader contributions would be encouraged.
  • Weekly recommendations. Here, I could recommend anything, whether it is a restaurant, a link, a program, etc.
  • A poetry study feature. This wouldn’t necessarily be about my own poetry, but a talk about terms and types of poetry. I would also like to explicate poems from time to time. I would need help here, particularly by readers who could recommend good collections to view or purchase.

I might go with the second to last idea, since there are so many things I find every week that I would like to share with others. It also allows me the freedom to visit various topics, which is what this blog is all about. This could also be treated like an open thread, whereas leaders can leave their suggestions in the comments. If I like some of those suggestions, that might be part of a future post.

What do you think?

20 thoughts on “What’s My Feature? I’m Thinking, Boo…I’m Thinking…

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  2. I ❤️ fonts. My coworkers give me a hard time because I’m a grammar snob (even though I write totally stream of consciousnessy) and writing weirdo, but it’s been fun to learn that I am not alone! I’ll have to think more before voting. Nice work inserting the poll, by the way. Super slick!

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  3. owldragonash

    I voted on your poll all great ideas but Iam curious.. Your About mentions you are an aspiring Artist and writer…why not do a weekly or monthly show case featuring your art?
    my 2 cents

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    1. Thanks for your input.

      One reason I don’t feature my own art more is time management. I need to set aside time each week to work on my art and when I do, it takes my a while to finish some projects.

      Another reason is that I need to improve in some areas before I’m comfortable showing even more of my art. I have offered a sneak peak with the DeviantArt links, but I know I need to expand on what is shown already.

      A third reason is that I have featured some more of my art and some steps of it on other blogs I run.

      The tutorial option would meet you halfway. I would be able to do two things at once: work on areas where I need to improve and keep this blog active at least once a week. I might have a post on where I need to improve regardless.

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