Personal Stories? I Got Nothing.

But you clicked the link to read this anyway, huh?


Assignment 2 for the Commenting Bootcamp called for me to leave a comment on a blog where I never commented before…but relate a personal story with the post I had just read. While I’m not really comfortable enough to talk openly online about my life, there are stories I’m willing to share.

To be perfectly honest, this assignment was the most difficult for me. Why, you ask? Really, the hard part was finding a post to comment on. I went through a number of posts, and while I could leave comments on them, I didn’t think I could leave any substantive feedback on them. Finally, I came across MaggieMayQ’s post on her blog, Balloons and Popcorn.

What Was That Post About?

In “They say it’s personal,” MaggieMayQ talked about her decision to have her hair cut short. She hated having to deal with long hair and just took a leap. In the post, she also shared some images of herself before and after a haircut.

On the whole, I like the cut. I have seen more women take chances and shave even the sides of their heads and pull it off. In MaggieMayQ’s case, more was taken off in the back. This allows her to wear her hair down or put it up in a ponytail.

Which Personal Story Did I Share?

Without really getting too deep in the story, I told her something about the best haircut I received. At the time I published this post, my comment was awaiting moderation. I don’t feel like copy and pasting the comment, so I think I’ll go into more detail here.

From what I can remember, I was 18 years old and getting ready for an end-of the year trip for high-school seniors. We were going to Disneyland overnight, as there were functions for that. Come to think of it, I think it was called “Seniors Night.” At my mom’s behest, we went shopping for new clothes and she took me to get my hair done that afternoon.

I got my hair done at a salon I wasn’t really familiar with, but my sister had gone there and she liked how her hair turned out. I visited the same hair dresser my sister had.

When I went there, my hair was a total mess and I didn’t know what I wanted. I wasn’t aware of the best hairstyles. (The same is true today.) Anyway, the hairdresser decided to give me a bob and shaved the back of my hair. I wasn’t too sure about that, as I have baby-fine hairs in the back. However, the hairdresser gave me a mirror to look at it.

This took me a while to get used to, but overall, I was pleased. Since I really liked how my hair turned out I quickly looked at her as the best hairdresser I had ever visited. This same is true today, with one exception. Unfortunately, she left a year after she did my hair the first time. I think I visited her once again in that time.

I later visited that salon, but a guy there really sucked. Not only did he do a second-rate job on my hair, he talked entirely too much. Some people have no idea about customer service.

8 thoughts on “Personal Stories? I Got Nothing.

  1. Haha I am like you… I find it hard sharing personal stories online. It’s always better for me to let my words do some sort of metaphorical talking – allowing people to deduce what they want from my poems.

    I laughed as I read this especially at the end – I really don’t like people who talk to much (especially in customer service). I feel like they get distracted and end up doing a bit so great job.

    You should find another grest stylist and try the bob cut again… I like some of your other commenters would love to see pictures (when you’re comfortable sharing ofcourse 🙂)

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  2. This reminded me of how I love the haircuts done by my mom and after that there was only one hair dresser I came across who did a great job… Rest I’m still looking for a good hairdresser 😀

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