Famous Sayings: #2 — ‘Money Is the Root of All Evil’

March 20, 2016

Money is the root of all evil.

Today, I’m taking us to church. No, not really, but…Believe it or not, the saying in its current form is a misquoted Biblical verse. This means I will be talking about the verse and other pages of the Bible in order to provide some context for the words. Regardless, I think what was written holds plenty of relevance today for just about everyone.

The Biblical Verse in Question

In my research, I found that the saying was derived from I Timothy 6:10. Admittedly, I am not really an expert on the Bible, so I went to one in order to read the entire the first Epistle (Letter) from the Apostle Paul to Timothy in order to view the full context of the letter. In short, Paul was guiding one of his disciples (Timothy) and telling him about how the latter was to act as a minister.

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