And My New Feature Is… [Poll Results]

As part of Blogging 101, I had to come up with a new feature. Last week, I made a post about my thought process, but hadn’t really decided on one. At the end of What’s My Feature? I’m Thinking, Boo…I’m Thinking…, I asked for some input and later added a poll

Here are the results:

new feature
Darn kids and their low voter turnout.

No votes for Typography. 😥

I wish there were more votes for this, but at least there was a clear favorite. So, it looks like I will be doing a new feature on famous sayings. Although I already have some sayings in mind, this will of course require research. Not only will I need to look into more famous sayings [around the world], but I will need to look into the possible histories of each.

Which day of the week should this new feature occur? To me, it seems fitting for a Sunday. And it looks like I can find some time this Saturday to get started, so I might be able to officially kick off this series next week.

Thanks to everyone who voted and watch out for the new feature!