Things I Don’t Like About Television, Episode 16: The NFL Network

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Despite the title, I am admittedly hooked to the NFL Network. That’s of course because I am addicted to watching the sport it covers.

It took me awhile to finally view it, mainly due issue of availability, but I always intended to give it a try when I was able to. Now, while I have some positive things to say about the programming — and some of the hosts — there will always be some lingering gripes I have about the network.

My Initial Reservations

Initially, I really hated the idea of the NFL network. Here’s why:

The first reason was the prospect that the National Football League would begin a process to make television viewers pay even more to watch football games at home. This had already started with services like Sunday NFL Ticket (DirecTV) and it’s obvious that the NFL would always look for ways to increase its own profit margin. This suspicion has been partially confirmed as the NFL Network ultimately started showing matchups during the season.

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