Polite Disagreement: Hillary Clinton for President?

For Assignment 4 in the Commenting Bootcamp, I had to find a post that I disagreed with, whether it was the premise or specific sections of it. I would then politely state my point of view.

It’s not easy finding a random post in this regard, so I decided to go by a tag: politics. That sped up the process and I immediately saw some posts concerning the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. One post really stood out to me: konigludwig, who runs The Progressive Democrat, wrote “How Can The Democrats Fight The Entrenched Powers?” I read that post.

What Was the Post About?

In the post, konigludwig pointed to two editorials from two liberal — oh, excuse me, Progressive (yuck!) — publicans. The first was “Hillary Clinton for President” by Jann Wenner (Rolling Stone) and the second was “Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination” from The New York Times’ Editorial Board. There was also a complaint about these two posts: konigludwig found them to be condescending.

On What Grounds Did I Disagree?

As I write this post, my comment is in moderation, but here is what I wrote:

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It’s Fun to Ask Questions

This is funny. I fell behind in a one-week Commenting Bootcamp, but I had already done everything asked of me in Assignments 3-5 before I started the bootcamp.

Regardless, it was my goal to work on the assignments as promised. That way, I could discover even more blogs and link my fine readers to some posts.

For Assignment 3, I visited Pawful living🐾🐾doggiebloggie’s blog and commented on a post called “The Disagreement Talkophobia.” In this post, she(?) — I’ll correct that if I’m wrong — shared some posts she left comments on and left some advice for proper disagreement.

I agreed with the list, especially the part about being respectful. In my agreement, I talked about how there is so much disrespect online and offline by people who argue, even over trivial things.

It’s true, though. Sports and politics in particular will bring the worst out of some people. So does any type of fandom, especially online.

“We like this game/show/movie/pairing/person. Why don’t you?”

“Oh, he doesn’t like it? BURN HIM AT THE STAKE!”

And then when one group is called out for their BS, they want to deny they do anything wrong and deflect blame.

This is why one time, I reflected on why people might just hate something or someone because of that person or thing’s fans. Originally, I thought that was a pretty weak argument, but now…

On the other hand, I have had some nice discussions with people I thoroughly disagreed with. I respect people who can keep their emotions in check when there are disagreements. And it’s better to see it reciprocated.

Oh, what did I ask Pawful living🐾🐾doggiebloggie? Basically, if she has any arguments online and whether those arguments were more intense than those IRL.

How about you?