Who Else Responded to the Prompt I Chose?

For Assignment 11 in Blogging 101, I was asked to respond to a prompt from the Daily Post. The next assignment called for me to read at least 6 other responses to the same prompt and respond to at least two.

  • From the blog Sacrificial Chain Breaker, the title Pajamas Every Day stood out to me. It consisted of a paragraph detailing how writing can benefit those who want to make limited contact.
  • I went to the blog According to Greta to read a post entitled Making the Right Career Choices. Greta offered some sound advice for pre-career evaluation. She also included a video for aspiring writers.
  • I swung over to Rica Mae Rosales’s blog, Like to Write, and read Juggling like a pro. Even now, she is thinking about having a work/life balance.
  • On the site raffystolemyheart, there was a post entitled When I grow up, I want to be.. and it was about the author’s current job benefits and what she would really like to do.
  • On Shaira Mae’s Blog, her response was named Dream to slay the world! She would like to be a performer. Be warned: when you visit her site, music (currently “Moonshine” by Bruno Mars) will play automatically.

Out of the six posts I read, I left a comment on two. My comment on the “Making the Right Career Choices” can be found here. I left a comment for raffystolemyheart, but it was waiting moderation.

All in all, I will say I rather enjoyed getting to read some other responses and getting to know some of my neighbors a little better.


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