Hello, Everyone!

I have been blogging for a few years (since 2010) and started a blog on WordPress in August 2015. The name of the blog is Shmaltz and Menudo. There, I post about things that interest me: entertainment (which will include television, films, music, and sports), the Internet, politics, and general arguments.

My blog is based on my first one, but I want to use this blog for a number of reasons:

  • To expand on my old thoughts and improve those posts.
  • To keep an archive in case that other blog goes down for some reason.
  • To add new thoughts and improve my writing.
  • To showcase other projects I’m working on.

I wanted to join Blogging 101 in order to get a few tips on improving my content. I also want to work on building a brand. Hopefully, this course can help me in these regards.

While I do write for myself first and foremost, I would love to gain new followers and start a conversation with them.


Have any thoughts on the subject? Time’s yours.

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