Thanksgiving Musical Recital Story, Part 1 (WAW)

Instrument Petting Zoo
Photo by eddie welker via Flickr. Some rights reserved.

As promised, I wrote a short story for this Write Anything Wednesday submission. Forgive me if it sucks, but I need to get back into it if I am to get good.

This story is loosely (emphasis on loosely) based on my experiences in elementary school. I am also going off today’s one-word prompt, “Anticipation.”

This will be a two-part story. The first part is below and I will conclude the story tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! We welcome you here tonight for our Thanksgiving musical recital.”

There was applause as a woman in her 60’s addressed the audience in the auditorium of Appleby Harmony Elementary School on an evening in autumn. The principal, Mrs. Lawrence, wore a blue velvet dress that caressed her ample tummy and broad hips. Her platinum hair was put up in a bun.

Mrs. Lawrence continued.

“We have ten talented maestros tonight.”

The curtain rose behind the principal to show a group of children aged 10-12 seated on the auditorium stage. All were dressed in formal clothing. The boys were wearing dress shirts and ties while the girls had winter gowns.

“On cello, we have Tommy Donaldson, Jenny Briggs, Bethany Russell, and David Terry. On violin, we have Jerry Benjamin, Sherri Grant, Lily Bryan, and Henry Rodgers. Jeremy Strong is playing the flute for us. We have Rose Clark on the harp and Grace Rodgers at the piano!”

The audience applauded once again.

The ten children stood up and took a bow when each of their names was called. Each was nervous with excitement. After months of practice, they were finally going to show their parents and peers the fruits of their labor.

Each member of the audience was filled with anticipation. One could especially see in in the father of the Rodgers children, who smiled as he held a video camera to record this precious moment.

Tonight, the children gathered to play 10 songs for those in attendance. The show was meant to last an hour and it served as the last hurdle between the children and an extended weekend of feasting.

Mrs. Lawrence wasn’t finished. She had but one more person’s name to announce.

“And finally, we have our esteemed musical instructor, Miss Kwan!” Mrs. Lawrence whispered to the young lady: “Take a bow.”

Miss Kwan slowly did a curtsy. She was a soft-spoken Japanese young woman who had been living in the states for the past five years. She settled in California in order to be close to relatives who had moved there over a decade prior.

The instructor was musically gifted. She was proficient with at least 5 different instruments, including all those her students were playing tonight.

Miss Kwan was a tall woman who was uncomfortable wearing dresses. She wore a charcoal gray dress suit and her thick, black hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

Now, it was time for the instructor to speak.

“Hello, I am proud to present my class for you tonight.” Miss Kwan had a noticeable accent, but the nervousness in her voice was far more pronounced.

“Let’s begin.”

The children took their places.

Miss Kwan addressed the audience once more. Our first performance will feature all the players in a rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

Tommy’s older brother, Charles, sighed loud enough for people 7 rows behind him to hear. “That’s so boring!” He, his baby sister, Sharon, and their parents were sitting in the first row.

Charles was quickly shushed by his mother. “Stop acting up in public! Don’t you make me drag you out of here.”

Many in the audience started staring at Charles. Tommy was embarrassed and he gave his brother the dirtiest look. Charles straightened up in his seat.

The music instructor shrugged off the small commotion and then turned to face the young players. She pulled out her wand to signal to Grace.

Grace started her modest keystrokes. Then the violinists and cellists joined in.

After three rounds of the familiar song, Rose was given a solo performance.

Sadly, there was nothing for Jeremy to do for this song. He couldn’t hide his boredom, but his mother smiled and raised her fists in order to encourage her son to hang in there.

That’s it for now. Are you anticipating Part 2?


Have any thoughts on the subject? Time’s yours.

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