News Roundup (Week of Dec. 25-31, 2016)

News Roundup, celebrity deaths, 2016

Hello, readers! This is the last News Roundup of the 2016. Next time, I will be covering the first full week of 2017! Here are the top news items for this week.

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What the Heck Is Fake News? (WAW)

fake news, false information

For a while now, much has been made of something called “fake news.” From what I heard, I understood that fake news originated on Facebook, but I never bothered to look into it until now.

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Famous Sayings: #42 — ‘It Is Better to Give…’

December 25, 2016

It is better to give than to receive.

it is better to give, than to receive, giving, Christmas, holiday

This is the last featured post of the year. I hope those reading enjoy these posts and look forward to more next year.

For months, I wavered on which famous saying to use on Christmas Day, since there are so many to choose from, but the feedback I got received last week helped me to decide on this one. (Thanks to Sparkyjen and Lesleykluchin for giving such great feedback.)

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News Roundup (Week of Dec. 18-24, 2016)

news roundup

Hello, Readers! I hope you are enjoying this holiday weekend. Here is this week’s News Roundup.

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“Only Give What You Want Most.”

happy, reindeer, give, what you want most

Have you heard someone tell you to “Only give what you want most”?

Since it is the first day of Winter and we are getting closer to Christmas and the beginning of Hanukkah (nod to my readers who celebrate the holidays), I wanted to look into this idea for one of my featured posts. However, it doesn’t look like this is a famous saying at all, although I’ve heard of it.

This is a stupid little rant but please bear with me. I’m talking part in Write Anything Wednesday, doggone-it!

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Famous Sayings: #41 — ‘Blink of an Eye’

December 18, 2016

Years pass by in the blink of an eye.

blink of an eye, eye, famous sayings

The phrase I chose for this week is so common, that I was kind of surprised that its origin wasn’t so apparent. I almost looked for another idiom, but I was committed to looking at this one. And it was such a coincidence that I saw it used on Facebook by one of my elementary-school classmates.

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News Roundup (Week of Dec. 11-17, 2016)

News Roundup. current events

I’m running late again, but it’s time for this week’s New Roundup!

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About Welfare: A Response to Sunken Thought (WAW)

welfare, poor, money, taxpayers, United States, government, subsidies

A few weeks ago, I read a post by SunkenThought entitled Disturbed and Perturbed.

I’m not calling out SunkenThought, but I am calling out a mindset. Also, I didn’t want to clog up another person’s comment section with so many words and trigger spam filters.

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Famous Sayings: #40 — ‘Hold a Candle to…’

December 11, 2016

No one can hold a candle to you.

candle, light a candle, lighting a candle, worldwide candle lighting day, hold a candle, famous sayings

I was going to use this expression a few months ago, but I waited to delve into this expression now. I wanted to use a saying that dealt with candles.

If you don’t already know, December 11, 2016 is Worldwide Candle Lighting Day. However, the expression I’m looking at has little connection to it.

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News Roundup (Week of Dec. 4-10, 2016)

I’m a little late with this post, but are you ready for this week’s News Roundup?

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