On Second Thought … (Blog Update for September 14, 2017)

blog update, natural disasters, What Happened, rift on the left

This is an impromptu blog update, but I wanted to fill my readers in on what I plan to do and to briefly discuss some current events.

Natural Disasters

Before I began, and would like to say again that many of us are worried about those who reside in areas hit by recent natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, and flooding) around the world. I would like to talk about these stories next week, including relief efforts. This has been an extremely rough season.

Hillary Clinton’s New Book

As some of you know, Hillary Clinton has released a book entitled What Happened about the past presidential election. I would like to discuss the leaks of that book and some of the reactions to it so far. I haven’t bought it myself, but I am looking at some of the previews and interviews Clinton has given to promote her work.

This also leads me to …

The Rift on the Left Series

Of course, there are more important things to worry about right now, but I realized I needed to simplify this series for myself. Originally, I planned to include a big ol’ timeline as part of the post. But on second thought, I realized so much text would detract from the theme of the series. Instead, I will later include a separate post that accounts for major highlights of the past election. (My overview has been updated accordingly.)

I don’t know when I will publish the next post in the series, but it could come as early as this month. And since former secretary Clinton released her book, I’d though I would have to speed it up a little.

Should I buy the book?

Anything Else for this Blog Update?

There are two posts I would like to make before this month is up. One concerns the Medicare-for-All bills that are currently being promoted in Congress. Another topic is about basic income. The latter is something Hillary Clinton mentioned in a recent interview with Vox’s Ezra Klein and it’s an interesting subject.


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