A Quick Blog Update (Write Anything Wednesday)

I’m a little late with this Write Anything Wednesday, but I do have something to report. Here’s a quick blog update.

This past Saturday, I found out that my first blog was ultimately restored after the change in website software. My original plan was to move the most important entries and report them here, but it appears that will be unnecessary. That means beyond the “Things I Don’t Like About Television” series, all the major re-postings will be done.

Now, there still is some work to do with the old blog. Prior to the website software change, there were issues with some special characters, like quotation marks (“” ‘’), em dashes (—) and Latin letters like the lowercase “e” with the acute accent (é). I will have to go back and update those posts. Other things that will have to be fixed include links. Since the website software changed, so did the links to past posts. Additionally, Image Shack is being a pain in the butt. They want everyone to pay for their services now, so non-paying users are not allowed to have their images be seen on various websites. That includes WordPress.

So in addition to running this blog with new content, I intend to work on the older one and make new content for that. That blog update will take a while. At least two or three revisions a day might be a good plan.

Have any thoughts on the subject? Time’s yours.

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