Famous Sayings: #5 — ‘The Blind Leading the Blind’

April 10, 2016

…the blind leading the blind.

blind leading the blind
Abel Grimmer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Not to poke fun at the visually impaired, but I have always found the humor is this saying. While the literal version, as depicted in the painting above, is quite humorous as well, the figurative definition nearly makes me crack a smile each time I think of it.

Why did I decide to go with this one now? As I was working on my second featured post, I came across this other idiom that people often use. You would be surprised at how many sayings originate from the Bible. (Or maybe you won’t.)

Which Bible Verse?

In this case, I would need to go over the full context. Everything was set up in most of a chapter.

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