Enough, Already! Why I Really Don’t Care for Circle Jerks (Part 3)

circle jerks, Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs, quarterback, NFL

In my last post, I discussed one of the two quarterbacks that are the focus of a number of NFL circle jerks. Jimmy Garoppolo is one and Patrick Mahomes is the other. Both had made NFL starts, but Garoppolo has made a bigger impact so far.

With Garoppolo, the amount of hype that’s building is understandable yet relatively tame, but the discussion about Mahomes has been acrimonious at points. Mahomes is not the problem, but he has been weaponized in various Internet fights this season.

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Enough, Already! Why I Really Don’t Care for Circle Jerks (Part 2)

circle jerks, Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers, NFL
Jimmy G is a handsome man, and he’s gone 7-0 as a starter. But let’s not go overboard with it, folks.

Originally, when I started writing about the topic of circle jerks, I had two people in mind. One of them is Jimmy Garoppolo. I have nothing against him personally (in fact, he is on one of two of my favorite NFL teams), but I have been picking up on some disturbing trends involving his fans.

As many NFL fans know, the quarterback position receives the most focus. For the most part, it’s understandable, because the QB touches the ball on offenses on almost every play. They are facilitators and they are responsible for conveying the plays, making adjustments, and getting their unit in position to execute those plays.

I acknowledge how tough it is for quarterbacks. The amount of football knowledge and preparation it takes is insane and they often receive much of the blame when their team loses. In that respect, I feel for these players. But I refuse to play along and heap all types of praise on just one player.

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My Thoughts on the 49ers’ Firings (Jan. 2017)

49ers's firings, Jed York, San Francisco 49ers, press conference

To start off the New Year, San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York fired his general manager and head coach. The 49ers’ firings occurred because team had finished the 2016 NFL season with a 2-14 record, only beating the Las Angeles Rams twice.

As York has often repeated, the team has not met a certain standard from year to year. Only this time, the team’s performance called for a change of course. In this case, that meant Trent Baalke (the GM) and Chip Kelly (the coach) had to go.

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Famous Sayings: #32 — ‘Put Your Money…’

October 16, 2016

Put your money where your mouth is.

Colin Kaepernick, Muhammad Ali shirt, put your money where your mouth is, put your money, famous sayings

This phrase has bubbled up for me because of a topic I have addressed before: Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the National Anthem.

For those who don’t know, Kaepernick is the QB of the San Francisco 49ers, an NFL football team. Last week, he was named the starter for Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills. More about that later.

For now, let’s look into the origin of famous saying in question.

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A Few Thousand Thoughts before the Chiefs/Packers Game

Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers, Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Monday, fans, QB
This was when Smith was with the 49ers, but that game was so exciting for me.

Note: Sometime in 2015, I sat down to write some thoughts before the Chiefs/Packers game in Green Bay on a Monday night. This post had swear words, but I have since cleaned it up for a larger audience’s consumption.

Before I get started, I realize most everyone who cares about this game on some level or just cares about the NFL doesn’t expect the Chiefs to win. Heck, deep down, I don’t expect the Chiefs to win. There is just too much going against them and because the Chiefs.

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