People Ruin Everything: Why I Hate My Job

A screenshot of a Grammarly editor before any edits were done. This image shows the title of this post and the first 113 words of it. The program has 11 alerts for spelling and grammar, plus 45 other suggestions for improving the text.
Grammarly before my edits to this post. While I like using this program, it can be too aggressive, especially for work.

I haven’t taken care of this blog much lately, but I had to write something today to manage my anger.

I hate people sometimes, and recent events provide another example of why. You should know that I don’t like confrontation. I try to be polite most of the time because I don’t want any trouble. That hurts me sometimes because I should defend myself more, but I will speak up when someone is being cruel, dismissive, and out of line.

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