Famous Sayings #171 — ‘Bait and Switch’

December 1, 2019

When I made my reservation at the hotel, I was told that I could take advantage of a rate of $71 dollars a night. However, after I checked in, I was paying double that rate and hit with numerous other fees. That’s the old bait and switch.

Many people run into a bait and switch situation when it comes to dealing with hotel rates. Image by Hermann Traub from Pixabay.

Since Christmas shopping is in full swing, why not look at a common phrase that has to do with shopping? Honestly, when I picked this saying, I wasn’t really thinking about the holiday shopping season, but it somehow worked out. Anyway, chances are you have encountered a bait and switch situation yourself while shopping. You know what this phrase means, but have you thought about how easy it is to apply to various non-shopping situations?

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Famous Sayings #123 — ‘Get/Jump On the Bandwagon’

September 25, 2018

He’s the hottest quarterback in the league. It’s time to jump on the bandwagon.

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If you have been following me long enough, you know that I watch NFL football and that I follow the San Francisco 49ers. When I decided on this topic weeks ago, I had the upcoming NFL season in mind. Right now, we’re in Week 3 of this young NFL season, and this term applies, but not necessarily to my team. Continue reading “Famous Sayings #123 — ‘Get/Jump On the Bandwagon’”

The Benefits of a New American Order

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By Suze

Shmaltz and Menudo’s Note: Today, we will change up things for a bit. Instead of my long-winded Write Anything Wednesday Post, I will let Suze share her thoughts on this 2016 Presidential Election (U.S.).

I know we are all completely sick to death of hearing about the election, but I just want to take a few moments to assure all of us that there may indeed be blessings to be found in Mr. Trump becoming our 45th President. I am calling it the New American Order.

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Random Blog Thoughts (June 1, 2016 — WAW)

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Now, this image is quite random.

This Write Anything Wednesday post is disorganized. I have a lot on my mind but not enough focus to hone on one thing today.

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Polite Disagreement: Hillary Clinton for President?

For Assignment 4 in the Commenting Bootcamp, I had to find a post that I disagreed with, whether it was the premise or specific sections of it. I would then politely state my point of view.

It’s not easy finding a random post in this regard, so I decided to go by a tag: politics. That sped up the process and I immediately saw some posts concerning the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. One post really stood out to me: konigludwig, who runs The Progressive Democrat, wrote “How Can The Democrats Fight The Entrenched Powers?” I read that post.

What Was the Post About?

In the post, konigludwig pointed to two editorials from two liberal — oh, excuse me, Progressive (yuck!) — publicans. The first was “Hillary Clinton for President” by Jann Wenner (Rolling Stone) and the second was “Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination” from The New York Times’ Editorial Board. There was also a complaint about these two posts: konigludwig found them to be condescending.

On What Grounds Did I Disagree?

As I write this post, my comment is in moderation, but here is what I wrote:

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Arguments That Give Me Pause

Introduction: There are some things people say that give me pause.  Especially in this current geopolitical environment, there are some ultraconservatives will try and defend any viewpoint even if only to be in opposition to liberals. And there are some ultraliberals who use their bully pulpit to say the most asinine, contradictory, and destructive things.

Beyond that, there are arguments on personal matters for which I do not care because they often come from a place of ignorance and/or illustrate the speaker’s hypocrisy. In any case, I find some arguments to be absolutely demeaning, patronizing, and counterproductive. That is why I felt compelled to address various points points of view and to offer my own.

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