Famous Sayings: #44 — ‘Friday the 13th’

January 13, 2017

Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.

Friday the 13th, Jason Vorhees, black cat, forest, ladder, mirror, full moon

Note: This post Friday the 13th was originally part of the Famous Sayings that was published on November 13, 2016.

As I was doing research about the superstition surrounding the number 13, I naturally came across information about Friday the 13th. But after promoting my post on The Daily Post’s Community Pool, one respondent suggested that I break up the original post.

That got me thinking: Why not create another post for Friday the 13th? Later on, after launching my second feature, I decided to move this feature to Fridays in order to place the newer feature on Sundays. So here we are.)

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Famous Sayings: #36 — ‘Lucky Number 13’

November 13, 2016

Lucky Number 13

lucky number 13, number 13, thirteen, superstition, luck

Is the number 13 a lucky or unlucky number? You might be surprised to see where cultures differ.

When looking up this famous saying, I came across so much interesting information. Unfortunately, I just could not fit it all, but let this post be a fact sheet for the number 13.

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