My ‘About’ Page

For those of you have already followed this blog (13 followers and counting!) or have visited my “About” page, you may have noticed that there was more information for what this blog was about than there was about myself. I thought I’d change that today.

Now, this is partly because I am working on improving my blog. Of course, the Blogging 101 course has facilitated this, but I already knew that I would need to share a little bit more information to entice readers.

About Me

If you have visited my “About” page before, you might have seen this at the beginning:

I’m a graphic designer and an aspiring artist and writer.

While I never been a strong public speaker, I have always loved to write and have found my voice through journaling and short stories.

Btw, I have a YouTube Channel by the same name, but I have not really used it yet to make videos. Stay tuned.

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Themes ‘n Things

If you count the original theme I used, I have looked at 11 different, free WordPress themes for my blog.

Since it wouldn’t help to give people a link every time I tried out a theme, I took a series of screenshots and placed them in an album.

  • The first theme I looked at is called Baskerville. This is the one I started out with.
  • Second theme: Revelar.
  • Third Theme: Escutcheon.
  • Fourth Theme: Twenty Sixteen.
  • Fifth Them: Orvis
  • Sixth: Canape
  • Seventh: Twenty Ten
  • Eighth: Intergalactic
  • Ninth: Cols
  • Tenth: Nucleare
  • Eleventh: Ever After

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What Is My Audience?

Working on Assignment 4 for Blogging 101…

Figuring Things Out

This is a pretty hard assignment because, admittedly, I never really target a specific audience when I started writing blog posts. As I said in my first assignment, I write initially for myself. Each blog I run is a diary of sorts, albeit with curated thoughts I feel relatively comfortable sharing with the public. So, as anyone could read what I wrote, anyone with an account on the sites where I posted could respond to most of my posts.

That said, it really is important to think about my audience. Since these posts are public, my content needs to appeal to those who would follow me. And I might gain more followers by appealing to specific groups.

It probably starts by thinking about the type of reader I am and what interests me. I have so many thoughts and want to write about the many things that interest me. For starters, I like to follow sports. I’m interested in politics, anime, and manga. Of course, it doesn’t end there.

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Following Blogs and Tags

Here’s my work for Assignment 3 in Blogging 101. For this assignment, I had to follow 5 tags in the WordPress Reader and follow 5 (more) blogs.

Assignment 3 Is Complete

Like others have said, I had no idea we could follow tags. Now, five have been added. Also, the advice from @michelleweber was extremely helpful. More specific tags narrowed down the search for blogs that interested me. I now follow 5 more blogs.

I didn’t say it then, but the five tags I followed are: American-football, rhythm-and-blues, genetics, manga-recommendations, and digital-art. These are five things that interest me the most. When I’m following your blog, you’ll know. (Ha-ha!)

Tagline Creation

I have decided to share my work for Assignment 2 from Blogging 101 on this blog. The assignment called for participants to create taglines for their blogs. Below are my thoughts on the process.

Hello Again, Working on Assignment 2

This is admittedly a difficult assignment for me. I want my tagline to tell any visitors to my site about me and my content in only a few words, but there’s a lot I want to convey. Also, I don’t want my tagline to look too generic. Here are some attempts:

  • An Artist with Many Thoughts on Anime, Money, Politics, Sports, etc.
  • An aspiring artist and writer with a lot on her mind.
  • An aspiring artist and writer who needs over 10,000 characters.
  • Finding my voice in over 10,000 characters.

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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 710 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 12 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.