We Don’t Actually Want to Vote Third-Party, Do We? A Treatise Against Fear-Based Voting

I am sick and tired of fear-based voting and I wish more people were, as well. I know that either Trump or Biden are going to win, based on first-past-the-post voting, but one guy is highly unpopular and feared (for good reason) while the other has a serious enthusiasm problem (also for good reason). Our choices are terrible, but many people have been pushed to choose one of these guys out of fear — the fear of fascism, the fear of socialism (even though Biden is not even close to being a socialist), and the fear of the unknown.

Now, if you have been following me for a while, you might know that I have been very critical of the Democratic Party. In fact, I made a whole series about it. However, I have been critical of the Republican Party, as well. But at this time, I have come to post to this blog with a message that I wanted to post on or before Election Day in the United States, and I know that at least one person who reads this might not like it. Heck, I might lose some followers over this, but I need to make these opinions known before the final tally (because we know that not all the votes will be counted).

That said, the greater message is for mostly the people who are beyond disgusted with our two major political parties, the Democrats and Republicans, but still feel compelled to vote for candidates from those parties. I also have a message for party loyalists who feel the need to attack people who are critical of these parties and those who feel the need to moralize their preference for Joe Biden.

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Going from Benghazi to Russia: Why Are We Doing This Probe?

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Benghazi, Russia, Russian probe
Did this guy try to influence the 2016 United State Presidential Election? Each house of Congress is conducting a probe to find out.

How did we go from Benghazi to Russia?

Some weeks ago, I discussed California Representative Maxine Waters, including her belief that the 2016 U.S. elections were hacked by Russia. I promised to lay out where I differ with prominent Democrats, including Waters. Now is the time to address this topic, although it isn’t an easy one to cover.

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