Famous Sayings: #57 — ‘The Truth Will Set You Free’

April 14, 2017

Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

the truth will set you free, truth, criticism, the Bible, Jesus

Since Easter Sunday is approaching, I thought I would look at a biblical quote that also has many secular uses. As it turns out, this phrase has been varied so much that the quote above is only a variation.

While many other Bible verses have secular uses, and some may have origins that predate the Bible itself, I kind of find it odd how this expression morphed over the centuries. What makes this expression so special? Let’s first look at the context and other uses.

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Famous Sayings: #37 — ‘Breaking Bread’

November 20, 2016

Breaking bread together.

breaking bread, famous sayings

When I picked this topic, I was coming up with a 30-day posting schedule. I quickly picked a famous saying that somehow reminded me of Thanksgiving (which is this week in the U.S.) because a dinner was undoubtedly being reference.

What I found may come as a surprise to some, depending on one’s knowledge of religions. Others may not be surprised, but it is interesting to look into some key differences between Judaism and Christianity.

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