Famous Sayings #155 — ‘Sacred Cow’

July 1, 2019

This pre-meeting ritual of singing the company motto has become our boss’s sacred cow. It’s impractical, time-consuming, and annoying, but he will hear none of it.

sacred cow, Gopastami
Cows are honored during Gopastami, a “Cow Holiday” held yearly in India.

Sorry for being late with this post (I try to post on Sundays), but here is a term that should be familiar to most people.

Chances are you have heard this term uttered by a comedian or someone else who is controversial or iconoclastic. Whenever someone mentions a “sacred cow,” you know they have offended someone, or they are referring to someone who they feel or say is being overly sensitive. But why use the term sacred cow? Let’s first delve into the meaning of that term.

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