Why Do We Use Fireworks on the Fourth of July?

fireworks, Fourth of July, Independence Day, China, Italians, United States, Renaissance

How did fireworks become a fixture in the United States? And in particular, why are they in heavy use on the Fourth of July?

Well, in order to answer the question, we must look at the history of fireworks. The history of fireworks is commonly traced back to ancient China.

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I Explicate: The New Colossus

the new colussus, statue of liberty, Fourth of July, Independence Day, fireworks

Okay, I lied.

I said I wouldn’t do any reposts, but I wanted to share this post in honor of Independence Day in the United States. Much of the text from this post is five years old (!) but it’s still relevant today.

To be quite honest, I’m pretty proud of this post and I wanted to share this with my followers (all 55 54 of them!) and any person who stumbles upon this blog. I have updated some links, some of the text and added some extra thoughts.

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Famous Sayings: #17 — ‘The Land of the Free…’

July 3, 2016

♪ The land of the free/And the home of the brave. ♪

the land of the free, star-spangled banner, Fourth of July, the United States

This week, I am getting a head start on Independence Day.  But if you know your American history, July 3 is actually in between two known dates for Independence Day.

The Declaration of Independence was actually drafted on July 2, 1776. However, the news wasn’t officially known until 2 days later. So that’s why we celebrate on July 4th.

Anyway, let’s look at the verses above.

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