Here’s a Reminder That George W. Bush Was Terrible

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On July 12, 2018, George W. Bush lamented the level of discussion about the United State’s immigration policies, but he left out the fact that he was part of the problem. Image taken via screenshot. (Source)

How do you feel about George W. Bush? I never liked him, even if he seemed approachable. I just never agreed with his policies, nor did I appreciate how he got into the White House.

Many Americans are “reevaluating” his eight years in the White House, especially in the face of a Donald Trump presidency. Their opinions of him might also have conditioned by the ongoing campaign Bush has been waging to present himself in a better light, aided by the press. However, letting Bush off the hook is a huge mistake.

George W. Bush has been feeling himself ever since Donald Trump ran for president in 2016, and the latter has the numbers to boost his ego. George W. Bush left the White House with an overall approval rating of 34%, but he became just as popular as Bill Clinton just 7 years later. Of course, that jump was attributed in part to Trump.

Bush has received more since he actively distanced himself from Trump. Last year, the former made a veiled comment about the latter (then denied that he was talking about the guy). At one point, Bush also said that Trump made him look good by comparison.

The truth is Bush was worse than Trump is currently — although Trump is very, very bad right now. But when you take both of their legacies at length and look at all the things both these guys have done, Bush did a lot more damage. That’s because Bush had eight years to do damage.

Of course, there is a lot of time for Trump to catch up — and Trump will likely do more damage in just four years. In the meantime, we need to remember why Bush became such a hated figure around the world from 2001 to 2009.

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100+ Questions I’d Like to Pose to My Readers

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Hello, everyone! I created a survey about the 2016 election, but I always wanted to delve deeper by asking my readers even more questions. Basically, I want to gauge the public’s general feelings about the election overall and see how they feel about U.S. domestic and foreign policy. In the process, I decided to make a big ol’ list post.

Now, no one has to answers these questions directly, but I would like anyone reading this to look these over ask themselves these questions, and see what they Know and how they feel about various topics.

But if anyone does decide to answer any of these questions, the answers I receive (at least for the first survey) will help to inform some of my posts. I will share a few general details, then compare and contrast some of my findings.

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