My Website and SEO

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Through my experience as a company blogger, I would ultimately be acquainted with SEO. And I would take what I learned in order to optimize posts and pages on my website.

With that in mind, for the tenth and final assignment in the Blogging: Branding and Growth course, I had to make one SEO-based change to my website.

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Can I Guest Post?

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Today is a tough day, but I am continuing on with the Blogging: Branding and Growth course. For the ninth assignment, I had to reach out to one person to guest post on this blog.

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Ruh-Roh … I Have to Create a Social Media Schedule?

#bloggingbranding, social media schedule, Facebook, Twitter

With 2 more assignments to go in the Blogging: Branding and Growth and course, the eighth assignment I am tasked with creating a social media schedule. Yikes!

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Time to Say Hello to My Neighbors!

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For the seventh assignment in the Blogging: Branding and Growth Course, I had to go around WordPress and find websites I had never visited before and leave at comments on at least 3 posts. It’s never easy to say hello, but this was good since this lines up with the goals set forth in the first assignment. And along the way, I reconnected with a mutual follower.

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Extending My Brand on Social Media

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For the sixth assignment for Blogging: Branding and Growth, I had to consider linking this website to social media.

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Promoting My Archives

my archives, #bloggingbranding, about pages

For the fifth assignment in my Blogging: Branding and Growth course, I needed to consider some options to promote posts in my archive.

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Analytics and a Posting Schedule

analytics, posting schedule, #bloggingbranding

Today, I took a look at my analytics in order to have a gauge of where I had the most success on this blog. Based on what I found, I made a posting schedule for the next 30 days.

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Is My Website Mobile-Friendly?

#bloggingbranding, mobile-friendly, smartphones, my website, tablets, desktops

The third assignment in the Blogging: Branding and Growth course called for me to look at my website’s compatibility with mobile devices. It turns out my website is mobile-friendly!

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Blog Audit: Updating My About Pages

#bloggingbranding, about pages, audit, auditing, customization

Yep, my About pages needed some work.

Note: I’m going to cheat today. I will use this post to do two things: Work on my Branding and Growth course, and to publish a post for Write Anything Wednesday.

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3 New Goals for My Blog

#bloggingbranding, goals, new goals, blogging community

Hi everyone, this week I decided to begin the Blogging: Branding and Growth course in order to audit this blog and improve it. For the first assignment, I was tasked with making three new goals for this blog.

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