3 Assignments in One

For my final post corresponding to this Intermediate Customization course, I decided to combine 3 assignments.

The eighth assignment in was fairly simple. All I had to do was change the visibility of a widget on one or more of my pages. I decided to hide my Gravatar profile widget on my “About” pages.

Assignments 9 and 10 were already combined, from what I understand. Assignment 9 required me to make a draft that would be used for the final assignment, but to get ready to make a post by using HTML. And the final thing I would be asked to do is use HTML coding in order to create a chart or table.

Well, here goes …

Week Comp. Att. Comp% Pass Yds. Pass Yds./Att. Pass TD Int.
1 21 30 70.0 256 8.5 1 0
2 24 37 64.8 435 11.7 3 3
3 21 29 72.4 272 9.3 1 0

Yes, I decided to make a football passing stat sheet.

Revisiting My Sidebar

Intermediate Customization
This is what the course used to be called.

I’m going to try to finish up this course right away and it starts with my making some revisions to my sidebar.

For the seventh assignment in the Intermediate Customization course, I had the choice of creating a custom image widget, adding a graphic element to a text widget, or leaving my sidebar alone (after exploring my options). Since my sidebar doesn’t need a custom image widget, I went with Option 2.

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My Background and Fonts (October 4, 2016)

For the fourth assignment in the Intermediate Customization course, I took a look at the backgrounds and fonts on this blog.

As I mentioned during the first assignment, I have long taken care of much of the customization. That included the fonts and background. But it wouldn’t hurt to play with the customization to see what, if anything, could be done.

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Working on My Header (October 4, 2016)

After a few busy days, I finally got to the third assignment of my Intermediate Customization course yesterday. This assignment called me to work on a new design for my header.

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Looking at My Header (September 29, 2016)

Well, it looks like a got a head start on my header in the first assignment of the Intermediate Customization course. I already added a site logo. But there is still something for me to do.

For this assignment, I took the time to rethink my header. How can that be done? Well, as the course syllabus outlines, I would have to answer a few questions. These questions were presented as three bullet points.

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