Famous Sayings #188 — ‘A Few Bad Apples’

July 27, 2020

I think that the police department is a force for good. About 99.9% of police officers are good, but there are a few bad apples mixed in there

The best way to deal with bad apples is to take them out of the group as quickly as possible.

a few bad apples, spoil the bunch, one bad apple spoils the entire barrel, apples, famous sayings
Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

The first quote above is a generic statement that many Americans have read or heard in some form over the years.

This second quote comes from Henry L. Tischler, who wrote this in the Introduction to Sociology (2011). (I found it on Merriam-Webster.com.)

I’ve never really given such statements like the first quote much thought, and with good reason. But today, the phrase takes on more importance as we have seen many cases of police brutality, especially in the face of law enforcement being questioned and challenged with these protests.

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Famous Sayings: #19 — ‘An Apple a Day…’

July 17, 2016

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

an apple a day, keeps the doctor away, apple, apples, health benefits, famous sayings, wales

Here’s a phrase that all of us should be familiar with. Chances are it might have been the first famous saying you have ever heard. I think it might have been the first I heard as a child from what I remember.

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