Things I Don’t Like About Television, Episode 11: Drug Commercials

Originally, this was going to be about pharmaceutical commercials, but since I’ve changed the title, this topic can go two ways, actually.

Of course, I have come across so many commercials that got on my nerves over the years. Some have been repeated ad nauseum. Some have terrible music and/or singing. There are commercials which make it obvious that they were cheaply made. There are those sleazy commercials advertising Girls Gone Wild or sex hotlines.

And then there are drug commercials. I consider pharmaceutical commercials to be among the worst forms of advertising. The same goes for anti-drug commercials. Pharmaceutical commercials will still inspire most of my ire, though.

Why I Loathe Pharmaceutical Commercials

I never liked these commercials to be quite honest. First, they were commercials and only a few at a time can even elicit positive responses from me. Beyond that, when I sat down and really thought about it, there are at now at least five reasons this form of advertising bothers me.

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