On Super Bowl Sunday, Ram Aired a Shameless MLK Ad …

Super Bowl Sunday, Ram, ad, Martin Luther King, shameless ad

A couple of years ago, I complained about TV commercials, particularly those that aired on Super Bowl Sunday. Well, tonight, I’d like to add a complaint about one ad that on Super Bowl Sunday aired this year.

Last night (February 4, 2018), Ram aired a pretty shameless ad which used audio from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In response, a YouTube user decided to replace the audio with another MLK speech in which the civil rights leader excoriated capitalism.

This situation reminded me of what I started looking into last month. As it turns out, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a different person than many people who talk about him want the rest of us to believe. While much of what we learned about him is true, it is used to hide the fact that he became a democratic socialist by the end of his life and was highly critical of capitalism as well as U.S. domestic and foreign policies.

This of course ties into the Ram ad and why the truck company’s decision to use MLK audio is ironic and sad.

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Website Wizardry (WAW)

For this week’s Write Anything Wednesday, I thought I’d talk about the work behind the scenes…on websites. Sometimes, I a website like the Art Encyclopedia and think, “Even with my limited coding experience, I would like to try my hand at improving the look of it.”

web wizardry, website, Art Encyclopedia
It’s a very simple design that serves its purpose.

But the truth is there is so much work that goes behind it. (That’s an excellent referencing website by the way. I would recommend it for art students.)

This week has been pretty busy for me and I am reminded of a post from the Vivid Concepts website. I had commented on that post weeks ago but lost the link. Fortunately, I was able to find it after going to The Bloggers Meetup site and seeing another Vivid Concepts webpage. You guys are awesome! And LOL at the comment from tmisseghers.

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