I Explicate: The New Colossus

the new colussus, statue of liberty, Fourth of July, Independence Day, fireworks

Okay, I lied.

I said I wouldn’t do any reposts, but I wanted to share this post in honor of Independence Day in the United States. Much of the text from this post is five years old (!) but it’s still relevant today.

To be quite honest, I’m pretty proud of this post and I wanted to share this with my followers (all 55 54 of them!) and any person who stumbles upon this blog. I have updated some links, some of the text and added some extra thoughts.

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Finding Inspiration from Other Bloggers

Yesterday, my Blogging 101 “classmates” and I were asked to post on at least 4 blogs where we had never posted before. One of the posts I specifically pointed to was entitled, Who am I and why am I here? by Ameena’s Musings. I want to point out this post again today since it really stood out to me.

What Stood Out about This Post?

Ameena’s Musings writes about her experiences and will publish posts based on poetry.

The post in question features a tersa rima poem after a very thoughtful description. Not only was the poetry beautiful, but the description also contained a number of important messages in it.

For me to be truly happy, to attain the magnitude of happiness I desire – I need to learn more, develop more, have an impact in the world.

I’ve spent a whole lot of time thinking about a certain decision, doubting myself over and over – well maybe not doubting but more of fear of failure.

The bolded parts are true about me, as hard as it is to admit. The first part I’ve bolded are along my thoughts; in particular, I would like to make an impact in the world. The last part, the fear of failure, is especially true in terms of my own art.

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That Darn Cat

After the last post, I thought I’d lighten up the mood a bit a share a poem I wrote when I was in the sixth grade. My teacher was talking to my class about poetry and near the end of class, I had to write a poem. I was just messing around and came up with this:

I saw a cat on my thermostat

He said, “You must be a Democrat.”

I said, “Scat, you stupid old cat.”

He pulled down his knickers, his butt was so flat

He left big brown chunks on my brand new mat

I’ve never smelled anything as bad as that.

A classmate spotted me the last line.

This whole thing was nonsensical, to be sure, but it got a laugh from my classmates.