These Might Be My Top 2 Issues, Plus Videos I Want to Share


I’m currently doing research for future topics, but I want to make this post tonight about two things close to my heart. Sometime last year, I shared 10 issues I consider the most important, but my personal top 2 issues may be voting rights and net neutrality. As such, I want to share some really important videos I have viewed this month.

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100+ Questions I’d Like to Pose to My Readers

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Hello, everyone! I created a survey about the 2016 election, but I always wanted to delve deeper by asking my readers even more questions. Basically, I want to gauge the public’s general feelings about the election overall and see how they feel about U.S. domestic and foreign policy. In the process, I decided to make a big ol’ list post.

Now, no one has to answers these questions directly, but I would like anyone reading this to look these over ask themselves these questions, and see what they Know and how they feel about various topics.

But if anyone does decide to answer any of these questions, the answers I receive (at least for the first survey) will help to inform some of my posts. I will share a few general details, then compare and contrast some of my findings.

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The World’s Water Crisis

water crisis, Flint, drought, farming, desalination
A water crisis is developing across the globe because we are using water at a faster pace than it is being replenished.

Some months ago, I talked about the Flint Water Crisis. As it turns out, it was just the tip of the iceberg, as there were thousands more contaminated water systems in the United States. Also, there is a bigger crisis around the world.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there is a total of 1,386,000,000 km3 of water on Earth a 71% of the planet is water. Over 96% of that water is saline-based (oceans, seas, and bays) and less than one percent of our water is drinkable. Fresh water is contained in sources like aquifers, rivers, and glaciers (where the water is unavailable).

Water is a vital resource for life. We are 60% water and water is needed for bathing, cooking, to support plant life, and for producing food.

The lack of a reliable water source in countries could lead to a huge geopolitical crisis in years to come. So moving forward, we need to come up with solutions to preserve water and ensure everyone has access to it.

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My Course of Choice (Write Anything Wednesday)

course, choices, painting, Write Anything Wednesday
This might be one of my choices …

Today, I had something else planned, but I only have time for a quick post.

There were some prompts put up today for Write Anything Wednesday, and I liked the first one.

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What the Heck Is Fake News? (WAW)

fake news, false information

For a while now, much has been made of something called “fake news.” From what I heard, I understood that fake news originated on Facebook, but I never bothered to look into it until now.

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How Fast Do You Read? I Share My Reading Speed

reading speed, speed reading test

A few days ago, I was looking for a resource to determine how fast professionals should read. Going in, I knew that the average college student was said to read at 300 words per minute, but I was told that the average adult reading speed was lower.

During my search, I came across a 2012 article by Brett Nelson on Forbes. I read the article and I was amazed. Look at this snippet:

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How Do You Feel About Swearing? (Write Anything Wednesday)

swearing, The Big Lebowski

One day, I was looking at the Community Chat page on The Blogging Meetup and I came across a few posts by Steven Sawyer. I responded to a couple of them, but I didn’t respond to a post about swearing (in blog posts).

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My List of Top 10 Worldwide Issues (WAW)

issues, my top 10, worldwide issues

Okay, so I meant to write this post about 2 weeks ago, but I wanted to get these thoughts out no later than this week.

Basically, these are thoughts I have had swimming in my head, especially of late.

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Who Is the Father of Labor Day?

Labor Day, Father of Labor Day

Yesterday, as I was working on one of my featured posts, I looked into the history of Labor Day. What I found was interesting. And the most compelling part of my research concerns who founded the holiday.

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Recycling Center (WAW)


Today is Thursday, but I always make an effort to make at least two posts a week and participate in Write Anything Wednesday each week. What I love about Write Anything Wednesday is the premise and the easiness about it. We don’t have to write on Wednesday but as our schedule permits.

Well … I don’t exactly have the schedule excuse, at least for this week. But my focus wasn’t exactly there. I was a bit tired, but on the whole, I’ve gotten more sleep in the last week. It feels good to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep.

What I can do now is share a little story about my experience yesterday.

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