Farron Cousins Was Wrong About Progressives in This July 2018 Video

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This is Farron Cousins as seen in a July 21, 2018 video.

This if Farron Cousins as seen in a July 21, 2018 video. Taken via a screenshot.

I have a bone to pick with Farron Cousins. A few days ago, I watched a segment from The Ring of Fire’s YouTube Channel and it ticked me off.

On July 21, 2018, Farron Cousins made this video for The Ring of Fire entitled, “Everyone Is Lying About The DNC Server ‘Scandal.’”

This has got to be one of the worst segments Cousins has ever done. Why? While Cousins insists that everyone who questions the way in which the FBI investigated the suspected hack into the DNC servers, he goes on to show his own ignorance.

  • First, Mr. Cousins talks about information found in an article from The Daily Beast, although he doesn’t mention it by name.
  • Second, Cousins compares liberals, progressives, and some Democrats who are still skeptical of the Russia Probe to Trump, Trump cultists, and other Republicans. (Nice, because we all have a hive mind, right?)
  • Third, Cousins insists that all the people who have questions or reservations about the Russia probe didn’t do the research.

Those assertions Cousins made were not only insulting but wholly dismissive. Of the things I hate most in this world, dismissiveness ranks pretty high. And even if though Cousins is known for his tone, it didn’t fit this segment because it was partly aimed at his own audience, which skews progressive. That said, let me break down why this video was bad in depth.

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You Want to Know What Bothers Me About This Whole Syria Debate?

Howard Dean, Syria
Here, Howard Dean is seen at a conference for the Liberal Democrats of the United Kingdom in March 2009. Dean, a former Vermont governor, ran for president in 2004 as an anti-war candidate. In 2018, he called Donald Trump a wimp for not pushing for a U.S. intervention in Syria. Dean represents a problem on the left. Image via Flickr by Liberal Democrats. Some rights reserved.

Can we justify bombing Syria and deposing Bashar al-Assad?

Yesterday, I talked about this topic and said once again, that I would not support such an action. I also questioned some of the “evidence” that Assad gassed his own people in April and the motivations of certain forces, like the White Helmets.

Today, I want to talk about the bad arguments I’ve read and heard in favor of a U.S. intervention in Syria. But first, let’s recap.

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Should the West Be Involved in Syria?

Syria, Douma, alleged gas attack, the West, interventions, regime change
The images of civilians being treated after a suspect chlorine gas attack on April 7, 2018, became grounds for an allied strike in Syria days later. Once again, I weigh in on the prospect of the West escalating its presence there. Images taken via screenshot. (Video)

In April, I published a post about Syria and the combined strike of Syrian targets by the United States, France, and the United Kingdom in response to a reported chemical attack by Bashar al-Assad’s government. This came a year after the United States launched 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airbase in response to a suspected chemical attack by Assad’s government. Both times I questioned why Assad would do such a thing, if he did it, and it was justified for the United States to get involved.

I also meant to publish two more posts concerning the threat of more U.S. intervention in Syria, but never got around to it. This post and another are meant to tie in those events with current ones and a few other posts I made about the whole argument. Ultimately, I want to clarify my views on U.S. interventions and present more information.

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Why Are We in Syria and Are We Justified?

Syria, Donald Trump, Bashar al-Assad, Vladimir Putin, Russia, United States

A week ago, the United States made its first direct strikes against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since the country was plunged into a war. The deployment of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles toward Syrian military targets, including an airfield, followed reports on April 4 that sarin gas was used on Syrian civilians. Assad was immediately blamed for the chemical attack, as he was for the chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta in 2013.

I don’t like this development for a few reasons:

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