Famous Sayings #174 — ‘[We’ve Come] Full Circle’

December 31, 2019

Look at us, Harold. Twenty years ago, if you told me that we’d be back working in our hometown again, I would say you were crazy. We’ve come full circle.

Image of the Earth taken from Pixabay.

Alas, this will be my last post for 2019 and it’s a Famous Sayings post. You can tell that I chose this saying for obvious reasons, but this should have been posted on Sunday (if I have stuck to my original schedule anyway).

What Does It Mean to Come Full Circle?

Basically, to come full circle is to return to the original place, source, of state from which (someone or something began) before they started going through a cycle of developments or events (Dictionary.com). The phrase “to come full circle” usually refers to a person. When a person comes full circle, that person may have returned to their original disposition or attitude, beliefs, or career.

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Famous Sayings #173 — ‘All in a Day’s Work’

December 29, 2019

When I asked Alice how she was able to deal with so many irate customers over the phone, she said it was ‘all in a day’s work.’

The phrase “all in a day’s work” may have nautical origins. Credit: U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class Kevin S. O’Brien [Public domain]

As 2019 draws to a close, this may be the last Famous Sayings post of the year (unless I can make room for 1-2 more before New Year’s Day, but that will take some doing). That said, here is a fast post that involves a phrase that may be less than 100 years old as of 2019.

What Does ‘All in a Day’s Work’ Mean?

When someone says that something is “all in a day’s work,” that person may be referring to a part of their job that is routine. that aspect of their profession may be pleasant or unpleasant, or otherwise unusual for other people (“ALL IN A DAY’S WORK”). Also, since a task is routine for someone and part of their daily activities, it is relatively easy for them to do, but they may be downplaying the overall difficulty (“definition and synonyms”, Wiktionary).

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Famous Sayings #172 — ‘Happy as a Clam’

December 24, 2019

Look at the Brandon playing with his new toys. He’s as happy as a clam.

It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything, especially these Famous Sayings posts, so why not have at least one before Christmas? This was a fun phrase to look up and in the quote above, I kinda found a way to link it to the holiday.

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Famous Sayings #171 — ‘Bait and Switch’

December 1, 2019

When I made my reservation at the hotel, I was told that I could take advantage of a rate of $71 dollars a night. However, after I checked in, I was paying double that rate and hit with numerous other fees. That’s the old bait and switch.

Many people run into a bait and switch situation when it comes to dealing with hotel rates. Image by Hermann Traub from Pixabay.

Since Christmas shopping is in full swing, why not look at a common phrase that has to do with shopping? Honestly, when I picked this saying, I wasn’t really thinking about the holiday shopping season, but it somehow worked out. Anyway, chances are you have encountered a bait and switch situation yourself while shopping. You know what this phrase means, but have you thought about how easy it is to apply to various non-shopping situations?

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