Famous Sayings #147 — ‘Mother Nature’

May 12, 2019

Don’t mess with Mother Nature.

Mother Nature, Earth, nature, famous sayings
Mother Nature might refer to the Earth, its natural beauty, or the personification of nature (in the form of a woman). Image credit: Sufyan785 [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
It’s still Mother’s Day where I am, so I chose a famous term that has something to do with life: Mother Nature.

Why Do People Refer to ‘Mother Nature’?

Generally speaking, when people refer to Mother Nature, they are alluding to the personification of the Earth or nature itself, especially as it pertains to ecosystems. This has an overall positive connotation because the Earth, and nature by extension, are seen as life-giving and spiritual entities. To be one with nature means to attain the greatest spiritual and physical connection with the Earth and to attain health.

In the United States, the term Mother Nature is often used to describe the weather and catastrophic events like hurricanes, if not the force of nature that controls all living things, especially human beings. There is a decidedly negative connotation here, even in the latter sense.

For example, Mother Nature has been seen as an adversary in Tampax commercials, given how women generally feel about menstruation.

In 1977, Chiffon produced a commercial in which Mother Nature was portrayed as wrathful and capricious — particularly at the thought of not being able to tell the difference between margarine and butter.

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