February 14 Is Frederick Douglass Day

February 14 isn’t just Valentine’s Day; it includes the celebration of Frederick Douglass’ birthday. I just found that out today when doing some research about the civil rights hero. It was a coincidence since I wanted to write about him this week in recognition of Black History Month. (As I shared two years ago, Black History Month grew out of Black History Week, which was originally scheduled to occur around this time in recognition of Douglass and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays.)

Today, I also read the republished New York Times obituary for Frederick Douglass. While it didn’t make mention of his birthday, the article was posted in recognition of it and it discussed Douglass’ role as a suffragist ally.

So, what do I have to offer on Frederick Douglass Day? Well, I wanted to discuss his life and how this celebration came to be. Let’s do this trivia style.

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