Famous Sayings #131 — ‘Turn the Page’

January 6, 2019

That last project may have been difficult for many of us, but it is time to turn the page.

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Since it’s a new year, I wanted to start it off right by publishing the first Famous Sayings post on the first Sunday of 2019. (It wasn’t easy, given the projects I’m working on, my problems with procrastination, and my preoccupation with the NFL playoffs). That said, let’s look at a phrase that has some connection to a new year (if not by its origin).

What Does It Mean When Someone Says, ‘Turn the Page’?

Figuratively speaking, when someone says, “Turn the page,” they are talking about new beginnings. When someone is turning the page on something, they are moving on and focusing on the next phase of their life. Much like turning a page in a book, where you will find new information, a person who turns a page in their life is open to new experiences.

This phrase is related to the phrase “turning over a new leaf” (which I covered last year), but there is one key difference. Whereas a person who is “turning over a new leaf” is looking inward, a person turning a page in their life is trying to get over a bad situation or start over new in their current situation. Something like a new year (or the end of a project) affords someone the chance to do this.

Who First Said, ‘Turn the Page’ in the Figurative Sense?

This isn’t quite clear, but one of the first results I found when searching for this phrase was a link to a Wikipedia page for the song. Much of the information I found there was supported by the information I found from SongFacts.

“Turn the Page” is a song written by Bob Seger as part of the Back in ’72 album for Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band. The single was produced in 1972 and released the following year.

The song is about the ups and downs a musician will face while touring. Seger wrote the song after hearing about an experience of David Teegarden, who was in his own group, Teegarden & Van Winkle (and later served as the drummer for the Silver Bullet Band).

One night, when Seger was touring with Teegarden’s band and they were traveling in the Midwest (it might have been in Iowa), the musicians landed at a truck stop. At the time, Teegarden and the other had long hair, but most of the guys who stepped out of the bus tucked their hair into their hats. Teegarden didn’t tuck his hair and when some of the truckers looked at him, they teased him, asking, “It that a girl or man?” Of course, this irked Teegarden.

There have been many covers of this song, but the most popular was Metallica’s 1998 version, which was released on November 16 of that year and part of their Garage, Inc. album. The drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich, got the idea of covering the song after hearing Bob Seger’s version while driving across the Golden Gate Bridge. Ulrich thought that his band’s lead singer, James Hetfield, had the voice for it.

What Does This Phrase Mean to Me?

I don’t believe have ever really used this phrase myself in the figurative sense, but I like the meaning. There are times when we need to move on and stop dwelling on negative experiences. Sometimes, we might need an extra push, so like I said above, a new year might serve as such a jolt for some people.

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One thought on “Famous Sayings #131 — ‘Turn the Page’

  1. I was out and about on New Year’s Eve, and rang in the New Year with hundreds of other folk. After much kissing and hugging, I noticed many hopeful looks. I’m wondering now, after reading yet another one of your super fantastic posts, if we may have all been turning a page in our lives? What a great time to take a new breathe in, and let an old breathe out! What a wonderful break with the old, and flip to the new? Maybe, it was just me being hopeful that eve, hoping we all turned a page, and will continue flipping through our Book of Life in our highest and best way forward!🥳

    Liked by 1 person

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