Extra Midterm News: Will There Be an October Surprise?

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While Democratic enthusiasm is high during these midterms, Republican enthusiasm has climbed since August 2018. Much of the enthusiasm for people of both parties is connected to news items they’ve discussed since September. Image comes from a screenshot. (Video)

The month of October is almost over, so I wanted to put up this thread about extra midterm news. I don’t know if there will be an October Surprise (as there are only 6 days left this month), but there is a big story developing at the moment I’m typing this.

As many people know, at least 10 suspicious packages were found in a few states and the District of Columbia. We do not know of the exact motive behind the deliveries, but if the identity of the sender is revealed before the November 6 elections, that could have a tremendous effect for the people voting on Election Day.

Beyond that, many other important things have been developing in these last weeks of the 2018 midterms. Of course, this post will be periodically updated to include more news and anything that I missed.

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