Famous Sayings #107 — ‘New World Order’

June 4, 2018

We must prepare for the coming new world order.

new world order, famous sayings
The Gomberg map envisioned a new world moral order after World War II.  By Maurice Gomberg [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Earlier this year, I talked about conspiracy theories. In that post, I discussed where the phrase “conspiracy theory” came from, how it was first used, and what some prevalent conspiracy theories were. One type of theory I left out concerns a new world order because that phrase is famous saying, too.

When searching for this topic, there was relatively sparse information about the history of the phrase New World Order, although there were plenty of articles and pages that used the phrase, so my search first took me to Wikipedia to find other leads and sourcing material. As it turns out, this is an extensive topic, but I will have to focus on certain aspects so this post won’t be too long.

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