So, Politico Ran a Hit Piece About Our Revolution …

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On May 21, 2017, Edward-Isaac Dovere wrote a hit piece on Our Revolution, a group founded by former Bernie Sanders staffers. In his article, Dovere used internal struggles within the less-than-2-year-old organization to take aim at Sanders and one of his surrogates, Our Revolution President Nina Turner. While it was firmly established that the organization was independent of the Independent senator from Vermont …

Sanders, who is legally separated from Our Revolution, does not keep up with its day-to-day activities and has expressed discomfort with attacks by affiliates of Our Revolution against some politicians.

Dovere still tried to establish that the organization was a reflection of Sanders and that its stumbles could hurt him politically.

Bernie Sanders’ top operatives formed “Our Revolution” after he lost the 2016 primaries to keep his army organized and motivated — and potentially prepare for another presidential run in 2020.

Beyond that, Dovere decided to highlight comments and whispers that Turner was using the organization to promote her own interests. Some bits of information sounded bad at face value. For example:

  • Our Revolution was pulling in less money than it did during the same period in 2017.
  • Some candidates, board members, and state chapters were frustrated with the endorsement process.
  • Dovere said the group was affected by Nina Turner’s personal aspirations.
  • Allegedly, there was a dustup over Turner’s decision to hire Tezlyn Figaro, Turner’s personal consultant.

Are any of these things true? Most of this is a stretch. Now, I would like to pull select quotes from his article, so I can counter the weakest points Dovere made and break down the anatomy of a smear job.

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