Laura Ingraham Taunted David Hogg and He Responded. Who’s Right?

Caption: Image of David Hogg via Wikimedia Commons By Barry Stock [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons. Image of Laura Ingraham via Flickr by Gage Skidmore. Some rights reserved.
Last Saturday, an estimated 1.2 million people participated in the March For Our Lives in Washington, D.C. and in sister marches across the United States. During the Washington, D.C. Rally, two of the key speeches were given by Emma González and David Hogg, two students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which was made famous after the Valentine’s Day massacre that left 17 students and faculty members dead. Since that shooting, Gonzalez and Hogg have emerged as leaders of the student movement, but not without controversy.

Hogg in particular has been singled out for mockery and conspiracy theories. Early on, he was alleged to be a crisis actor, but even though that charge was swiftly smacked down, he was still looked upon as a propaganda tool and target of derision.

This week, Hogg was taunted by Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who tweeted a link to a story from The Daily Wire.








Hogg then responded with a call for other social media users to contract Ingraham’s 129 sponsors.









Shortly after, 11 companies announced that they were pulling ads from Ingraham’s program, which prompted her to make a quick apology:








Sometime afterward, Ingraham announced that she was going on a vacation.

In response to this controversy, some of Ingraham’s fans decided to support her on Twitter. The started the hashtag #IStandWithLaura and called for a boycott of the companies that pulled their ads.

Also, there was one opinion piece of note that was written in defense of Ingraham, which I would like to highlight.

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Arguments That Give Me Pause: Making Polygamy Legal?

arguments that give me pause, making polyamory legal, polyarmory, polygamy
Image via Flickr by theslowlane. Some rights reserved.

A few years ago, I got into an online argument with a “poly,” or a person who was in a polyamorous relationship. We were responding to a thread in which another person asked whether the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision on gay marriage would open the door for making polygamy legal — which is quite different from making polyamory “legal.”

When I wrote my first response, all I did was agree with another person while adding some thoughts I had about potential legal and personal problems that might result from legally sanctioned polygamy. I didn’t think I was being judgmental of polyamorous relationships themselves, but the other poster took exception to my post. What followed was a pretty pointless argument, but it irked me for some reason.

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SaM Blog Update (March 24, 2018)

blog update, new computer, good news, March 2018

Good news, y’all! It’s time for another blog update because I finally got my new computer yesterday. It feels so good to be able to use all the keys. I can write with relative ease now, but does it also mean I will be writing more? More about that below.

I wanted to write about this on Friday so I could write about the March for Our Lives today. However, much of my time Friday was taken up by configuring the new computer.

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Come on, Man! Senate Democrats Vote to Pass the Bank Lobbyist Act

Bank Lobbyist Act, The Bailout Caucus, Senate Democrats, Angus King, all Republicans, financial crash
The bankers and lawmakers who want to cause the next financial crash will be served with crisp $100 bills. The rest of us will get crumbs, if that. Image via Flickr by free pictures of money. Some Rights Reserved.

A week ago, the U.S. Senate passed S.2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (also known as the “Bank Lobbyist Act” or “Crapo Bill”) with a 67-31 vote. The official name of this bill is Orwellian for it will have an effect that is the opposite of what it promises. Also, the vote came 10 years to the day that Bear Stearns collapsed.

As this bill was being debated in the Senate, there were a total of 17 Democrats (actually, 16 Democrats and one independent) in the chamber who voted for cloture. The same group of senators voted with Republicans to approve the bill. For their efforts, they were already being called the “Bailout Caucus.”

Why is S.2155 a bad bill? For one thing, nicknames for this bill suggest that the legislation 1) will mainly help large banks at the expense of consumers 2) is a load of crap. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself). Here is a breakdown.

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What Is He Doing? Trump’s Agenda and Our Despair (an Overview)

Donald Trump, Trumps agenda, GOP, an overview
Image via Flickr by cornstalker. Some Rights Reserved.

I wanted to write something today and the easiest thing to do was to write up an overview for my upcoming series about Donald Trump and the Republicans. This series is going to be a doozy, and I’m not just talking about the research. Anyway, here is a summary of how I plan to steer the subsequent posts in the series.

All the Wrong Reasons: A President with No Real Ideology

This post will go over aspects of the 2016 presidential election, as well as Trump’s overall history. I will discuss what might have pushed Donald Trump to run for president, how he used dog whistles to woo a percentage of voters, and how the press played a role in the 2016 election. I will also talk about Mike Pence and how his agenda is a danger to the American public.

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The Moral Quandary of Using Internet Services

internet services, Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Strategic Communication Laboratories, Donald Trump, debate, ethics, Google, you are being watched

I’m taking a break from my break to make some posts. This first one concerns the Internet, particular internet services, and the arguments that arise from it all.

Some Background Information

This weekend, I was on Twitter when I saw a trending story about Cambridge Analytica. The story was covered by The Huffington Post, among others.

Apparently, CA and its parent company had been suspended from Facebook for violating user privacy rules.

For those who don’t know what Cambridge Analytica is, it’s a political data analytics firm. CA is also part of Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL), a British company. In 2016, Cambridge Analytica was paid millions of dollars by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and it was extremely effective.

From the information I already had about CA, the company used data from various sources, including from social media. The employees from company bragged about their processes and information-gathering, saying that they had information from virtually all American voters. However, according to this new information, the company may have taken information from Facebook through unethical means.

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